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I thoroughly recommend this treatment to anyone buying new - *especially* if kids are in the picture.

Today my girlfiends toddler pissed himself in my clio for the 3rd time!! Yet the magnificent Cyclone Blue remains unblemished!!!

Incidently, she harps on about something to do with driving too fast. God knows what 172 owners experience.

yeah ive done 1700 in two weeks!! mainly cuz I went from Southampton to Carlisle and back. Dont plan on doing that too often.

Anyway running seem to have smoothened slightly in that time, and in general its a pleasure to drive. Seems to cruise very comfortably at 80-ish with which Im happy... and I did a ton just once for the sake of it.

The only niggles I have are the automatic lights (which Ive switched off) along with the lights/indicator stalk which makes it difficult to flash somebody when dipped lights are on..... and also the automatic wipers.... Id much rather just have the standard adjustable intermittent wipe. Does anyone know if you can swap? I also think that the wiper blades are a bit crap, but Ill give the screen a good wash and then re-assess.


  Shiny red R32


If I were you I would keep that little brat out of the car.

Doesnt it smell?



He was banned all along... until scum nicked the gfs stereo last week, and practically wrote her car off in the process... hence me taking her and the little one everywhere whilst the insurance people slowly do their stuff.

I really think we should take a Saudi-style hard line for such crimes, Id certainly pay a pound to throw a big stone at the culprit.

(for theft/vandalism that is, though weeing in my Clio comes close)

As for the smell... I put one of those vanilla air fresheners in there a while ago and thats all I can smell. The supagard works a treat though, no stains.