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Superb car, but why modify it?

  HK52 VLW 172 Cup
As a fellow noob I'd be inclined to give the guy a break. What you say to yourself in your head and then how it sounds once written can often seem odd to the person reading or replying.

Also if the guy is a serious instructor I'd kiss a*** in the hope of a training freebie:)

Actually I believe my car out performs my driving skills, so what should I focus on learning first?

Darren S

ClioSport Club Member
Where the front seats bolt to the car, between the seat frame and the floor pan there’s 4 plastic spacers which raise the seat slightly.

It’s just one of the two most common complaints of these cars, steering wheel and seat being too high.

Have I been driving this car for over sixteen years with my head at 45 degrees, pressed against the roof, when I could have lowered the seat slightly?

Shite-on-a-bike. Do I feel dumb...
When is anyone allowed to modify their car then? Is it when they are within 15% of Lewis Hamilton’s laptime? 14%? 12%? And how do I convince Hamilton to set a time in a 16 year old Clio.

It sounds like a PlayStation game. What is the time that you have to beat to unlock the right to buy stage 1 engine upgrades lol 😂 How good do you need to be to unlock stage 2?

We are all human so genuinely not a single person on earth gets 100% out of a car. Even Hamilton’s best quali lap of his life will still have braked a few cm too early at some corners and lost time or a few cm too late and lost time.