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Suspect my Headlight Adjusters are broken... Best Options?


ClioSport Club Member
  2003 Clio 172
Hi All,

I suspect the adjusters are broken on my headlights. Changed the HID Bulbs at the weekend and the housing that holds the bulbs is loose and wobbly. Seem to remember this being down to the plasticy ball joints breaking? So I was wondering what my best path is from here on. I can think of 3 options..

1. Find out the cost (while sitting down) of new units from Renault, if they're even still available, and go from there,
2. Source some clean looking second hand units, even though they're likely similarly aged and likely to break in the near future,
3. Attempt to open my current headlight housings up and Heath Robinson something up?

Any one else had a similar dilemma or have any thoughts? Cheers