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Swapping 360 hard drive info

  Inferno 182
As above,i currently have a original 360 recently repaired from rrod with the standard hard drive fitted to the early models but fancy a elite and with all the the forza 3 talk on here and the impending release off assassins 2 and mw2,it would be a good time to change with the right deal depending on the trade value of mine.

So thinking if i get at least 2 of the 3 games mentioned i might as well get a deal so how do i get all my acheivements and save games off the current hard drive presuming thats where they are?

cheers sorry went on a bit!! :eek:
  Turbo'd MX-5 MK4
If you buy a new console with a bigger hardrive you have to register the serial number on the MS site and they will send you out a transfer kit FOC.
  BMW F31
^^what this man said!

i rang MS up last week and ordered over the phone as i didnt fancy having to send the form to them via post.

recovering gamertag to the new console will only bring your GT not your gamesaves etc.