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Swapping crappy fly by wire to cable on 1.6 16v



Is it possible to swap the fly by wire throttle body to a cable one form a phase 1 RSi? Will it affect the ECU if i just unplugged it and used the cable 'bodie? Hate the slow response!!
Cheers Dave
Yep you can do the swop but err don't its a lof of work.
There a few ways round it
1) Atand alone ECU expnsive but some people go for it as they do other mods later plus aftermarket ECU's run mad cams throttle bodies etc.
2) Swop the engine wiring loom for a Mk2 RSI one alogn with the throttle body and ECU might be a bit of trouble with engine looms anbd its a lot of work.
3) Bodge it use present ECU and have it ramaped to run like a RSi might n eed to make up some wiring plugs to cover for the fact you don't have any.
4) Bodge it and use a RSI ecu throttle body pressure sensor return fuel like (I think you need return fuel line)
5) Bodge it totally use RSI throttle bosy and get either get the ECU programmed to understand its got a cable throttle

Whatever yo do you'll ned the foot pedal as well.