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Tablet advice

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Hello everyone, I'm after a tablet which would be mainly used just for browsing, with a little gaming and maybe movies when I'm away. I'm stuck between a few different ones at the moment.

IPAD +already have an iphone so apps are already bought.
+retina display
+constant iOS updates
-limited storeage

Samsung galaxy+ price
+ sd card storage
+same, if not wider range of apps
-having to swap iTunes music to mp3
-no updates? (android 4.0)

Google nexus 7+ cheaper again
+latest software (4.1 jellybean)
-7" screen
-limited accessories?
-iTunes to mp3 again

After I found some samsung galaxy 10.1's for £250 today I'm leaning that way but I don't want to waste my time and money on it if it's garbage.

Thanks guys.
Galaxy is awful. Terrible machine. That's why the price drops every other week. It doesn't have anywhere near the quality/quantity of apps either.

Nexus7 is great. But obviously it's smaller than the iPad. Depends what sort of size you want and where you'll use it. If it's just sat at home then bigger is better. But if you're going to be carry it, sitting on a bus/train with it then the Nexus7 is probably a better size.

What accessories are you really going to want? A dock? Case? Plenty more will appear over time.

Storage I wouldn't really worry about. How many films are you realistically going to want with you? Same as music.

There's more than likely going to be an iPad Mini next month and then there's the new Kindle Fires too. Hopefully the new ones won't be s**t.


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i love my ipad, and use it a lot, but there are still certain, really basic things that it cannot do, which really annoy me.

The only other tablet i would buy is an asus prime.


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Never ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever buy a non google experience (android) device.

We've got a both an iPad and a Nexus 7. Despite Steve Jobs insistence that the 7" format was crap I actually find it much more ergonomic than the iPad, it's easier to hold in one hand (weight & the feel of it is nicer than the metal on the iPad) especially if you're laying down to read. That said, the bigger keyboard on the iPad makes it easy to enter stuff more accurately first time.

Not quite sure why you think you've got to convert music, just transfer the aac files from iTunes.