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Taxing an uninsured car

Ive just changed the missuss car for an old Megane, and now have her old one (J-reg Polo) sat in the garage that I need to sell. Tax is about to run out, and its MoTed until Nov - although its a minter (27k miles!), I guess I will need to sell it with 6 months tax at least? I reallistically need to get £550 for it...

As its not currently insured (I moved it to the Megane last week), can I tax it at a post office using the old insurance certificate? (which has an end date of Nov 05) - Or do they check it against a current insurance database (like they do online?)

your old certificate will be fine imo, although its naughty

they dont check it up there and then if at all

at the end of the day its better that u tax it surely than if u dont, so they cant moan