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Temp sensor question for a MK2 172.


ClioSport Club Member
As above

The other day after about 20 mins of driving i noticed the temp dropped from dead on half[ where it normally sits] to the next bar down and then 5 mins it was back up to the middle[half] The car was running really well and i had no problems with power loss, and it didn't go into limp mode.

The weather was very wet and the car had got damp being left outside could this be the reason for it, or is it the first sign of the temp sensor going? the cars a 52 plate on 60K.

Cheers Fletcher.:D
mine does this, same as you'rs, almost exactly 20 mins into the first journey of the day, i checked the wiring then changed the sender, it still does it, its so irritating, everythings fine and the car runs sweet and it can happen in hot, cold, damp, or dry conditions,