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Temp Sensor / Wheel bearing

  BMW Z4 2.5si Sport

The external temp thingy in my Williams seems in a bad way.... Sometimes its static at -30, sometimes flashes -30, sometimes flashes the actual temp, and sometimes the display is blank. :confused:

Any idea how much this is gonna cost me??

Also how much is a front wheel bearing, as I think mines gone :(

Wheel bearing is £24.50 from - then you have to add whatever you pay someone to fit it.

Temp sensor from is £9.50 - BUT, its only listed for "CLIO 1.8 RSI/16V " so dunno if its the same one for a Williams? To be honest, it just says "Temperature Sensor" so it could be a temp sensor for anything... Maybe a williams owner can help. HEHE!


You should beable to sort the "temp thingy" yourself. i fitted one the other day. Take your passanger door card off and there should be 2 wires connected in a block just below the wing mirror. Its prob a bit lose take it out make sure its all ok and put it back, see if that works. Then the next place to look is behind the instrament pannel. It just sounds like a lose connection to me. If them things arnt connected it will just flash -30 all the time and its really annoying!

Done my bearing the other day! Nasty job that is! Didnt enjoy it at all.
  BMW 335i M-Sport

too do the wheel bearing you need to have the new bearing pressed in with a big vice did one on a mates last week