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The Cars Spotted Appreciation Thread

  2014 Clio 200t edc

strange, comes up as a TVR Tasmin on mine. Awesome spot though, haven’t seen one for ages!


ClioSport Club Member
f**king love the GT 4-Door. My favourite AMG product still.. who doesn't want a racecar that you can put more than 1 terrified passenger into


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  Jaguar XFR
Appreciated the Landie but still can't get my head around the M. Apart from the obvious the colour is horrendous.


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  Gentlemans spec 200
In the past, the new M3/4 has always been a fairly familiar site, but don’t seem to see many of the new ones about.


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  Clio 182
I’m sure I had more pics somewhere but can’t find them. Story behind it was it was built as a group b rally car, not one of the road going versions so is in full circa 400bhp s**t your pants lunatic spec.

That car was built in 86 with the newer supposedly less explody engine and drivetrain. It made it to a rally but never raced because something or other was broken and group B was essentially banned not long after. It saw track action at a promo event in the early 90s but then nothing since.

Whether any of that is true or not who knows but I’d like to think it is. Spec is definitely rally car and there’s no footage of it ever having been raced so it seems plausible.


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s**t photo's as was travelling this week.

Ferrari 488 Pista SA. Heard it before seeing it.

Lamborghini Urus

New Landover electric diesel according to the mot check.

Short Legs

ClioSport Club Member
  a better one
Spotted a red Ferrari SF90 drive down our street yesterday……must have been lost.

not the prettiest Ferrari ever made.
An almost great looking 993 Turbo, though likely not for much longer. Was previously for sale by Hexagon Classics, who are known for stocking great examples of cars, then waiting until their high asking prices are reached. This had less than 13,500 miles and was up for £200,000, but damaged in storage when a river broke its banks overnight.

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Quite sad in reality ain't it since they can't return it back to the road

The new owner needs to be giving Porshe a ring for a new shell and wanging everything into that