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The Cars Spotted Appreciation Thread


ClioSport Club Member
Terrible but in a really good way.
The number plate really finishes it off.



ClioSport Club Member
Didn't get any pics as it drove past as I was walking the dogs.

White G reg, Ford Sierra Pickup, was a beaut.


ClioSport Club Member
  Renault Clio Trophy
Look at this Bad Boy HaHa - taken it in swap and sent it to the auctions (Manheim Leeds)

182/172 front and rear seats plus a sports steering wheel

I went to see if the front window rubber surrounds were not rust bubbling as they are £150 each new



ClioSport Club Member
  BMW 430D & T5
Unfortunately I didn’t manage to get a photo, but I saw a very tasty looking Renault Alpine A310 driving about 2 mins from my house yesterday. Genuinely don’t think I’ve ever seen one in the flesh before, wasn’t even sure what it was until I saw the rear end. Looked just like this: