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The Cars Spotted Appreciation Thread


ClioSport Club Member
I forgot to mention, I saw a white oldskool Mini van the other day with bolt on rear arches (not like your typical Mini bolt on arches, this was a proper bolted on wide arch section) I didn't get much of a look as it was behind me, all I know was it was really low & I saw the rear arches when I turned off.


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I've spotted a new Peugeot 508 a couple of times this week. It's quite a good looking car but utah a shame they won't build one with any sort of decent poke. View attachment 1424686
These for me, have had the opposite impression on me to most new cars... look great in the pictures, but left me disappointed in the flesh. A GTi would definitely be worth a look though.


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Followed a renault 5 on my way to work tonight. I've seen it a few times and it's a mint example and going by the mot history probably all original as this year it had 60k on it!
I also saw a couple of other regulars in a blue Ford orion and a brown Granada estate mk2. Cool retro cars.
Saw a few nice things recently.

Mint moonstone blue(?) 3-door Sierra Cosworth.

I think I saw a 560SEL Merc thing? The boxy one with the massive engine, IIRC, lol.

Also saw a Bentley Azure convertible - roof down, maroon red, cream interior. Nice.

Oh, and a maroon M-reg Vauxhall Cavalier - a Diplomat model, probably, lol.


ClioSport Club Member
Bright orange BMW 1802 Touring last night with a set of oldskool wheels on it, then a bit later a blue B Reg 'wedge' TVR with cross spoke wheels. This morning a grey Ferrari FF :cool:
  Clio 1.2
Not sure if I posted the Jeep or Cadillac.

The Ka pickup I passed at a garage in Caernarfon (however you spell it), took screenshots of it from a vid on the way past.

The Mustang and Porsche were both outside mine the other day.

The Clio was in Llangollen on Wednesday.

Mork of Ork

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  Fiesta ST
I saw a mint looking red Maestro MG turbo like this on my way home today. Must be over 25 years since I used to see a green one the dad of someone I knew had. They were rapid (in a straight line) back in the day lol.
View attachment 1425085
My first car was a BRG MG Maestro 2.0i with a genuine Turbo bodykit & MGF wheels, that torque steered if you floored it with 115bhp so I shudder to think how bad a turbo is. :LOL:


ClioSport Club Member
Followed an E63s AMG on the way home tonight, Didn't give it much but pulling away it sounded lovely with a little crackle from the exhaust.


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My first car was a BRG MG Maestro 2.0i with a genuine Turbo bodykit & MGF wheels, that torque steered if you floored it with 115bhp so I shudder to think how bad a turbo is. :LOL:
My friend rallied an MG Maestro in the 90s. He did pretty well in it and it actually looked pretty good on Compomotive wheels!



ClioSport Club Member
Awsome spot today , people resore and you see airstream trailers alot as they are trendy
However seeing a lovely old airstream RV is a rare sight

Huge and no doubt horrendous to drive

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Copied from the Ford thread, as thought it deserved a place here too!

Here's one to make the enthusiasts cry. I had a couple of parts advertised and the owner of this came to buy something. When I first saw it, I assumed it was a rep, but no, it's a genuine Cosworth.

View attachment 1422818View attachment 1422819

It was, to be honest, an absolute dog :( Obvious it was filthy, but the paint was dull all over and there was even over spray on the lights where poor repairs had been carried out. You can see in the first picture that the front wings had primer on them, but rust was coming back through, but the tailgate was also really rotten, both along the bottom edge and around the back window. The side skirts were hanging too. You could see the rust in the sills, so it looks like the rivets had just pulled out. Centre caps missing, front splitter/hockey sticks missing, the interior was a real mess too. Leather was pretty threadbare in places, bits of trim were hanging off and there was wiring hanging down in places, not to mention the fact that it was completely full of junk.

The bloke really didn't seem to care though. Said he'd owned it about 15 years, used it every day, regardless of the weather, and it had done about 165k (albeit only around 60k since a rebuild). He said he had a Saph Cos and a MK2 Escort that he was restoring, and that he would get round to doing this "one day".

Bonkers really, can't be many around that are treated like this!
I remember there was a red cosworth rotting on a drive by me, it was sat there for ages and I assumed it was a rep, but no it was a genuine escort cosworth. Such a shame. Long gone now though, never did find out what happened. It wasn’t in a great area either.


ClioSport Club Member
A light blue / silvery 03 reg Mercedes CL500 (I love those!) on Friday night. Then a black McLaren with an M3 number plate, nice upgrade!


ClioSport Club Member
Just a saw a bright green, loud as f**k (motorbike loud) Lamborghini Huracan Spyder, it might have been a Performante, but it didn't have the side stripes, just one up the front. It had the rear wing though. It had some dodgy private plate on it.