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The Dark Knight.... Progress Thread

Last week I had my badges redone, cleaned the car properly, bought a new LED white light interior kit and picked up some rubber.

This weekend was a Supercar Driver event called Diamond 9. It was the second running of the event and was simply out of this world. I put some Contisport 5's on the front in the hope that a few laps round Scampton would ruin them, yeh it did... Not bothered though thats what I put them on for.


Best part of the day was chasing the Red Arrows boys round in their cars. Absolute nutters. A Veyron ripped one of the airfield taxi lights out of the ground on a run on the Hypercar laps (Yeh you read that right..) so the day had to get cut short as far as track stuff went, but all in all top stuff.

Just bought some new OE disks and some DS1.1s to go on this week, waiting to see how my tyre situation plays out.


I also need a new passanger side archliner as one has rubbed against the tyre and become worn, it's a scrapyard job and a fiver that I can sort on Saturday.

Crying out for a LSD, another Sabelt for passenger side (OEM seats weigh a ton) and a 250 blower. Dem the aims!



ClioSport Club Member
I can't believe this car is still alive let alone still with you Naith! I was there when Andy B fitted the hid kit, my F1 Team went a long time ago now though. TDK is Renaultsport folkelore now, good work fella.
Spent yesterday starting on a mockup for a rear diffuser.

I'll have to remove the boot floor (it's cracked anyway) as it'll block the channel I'm going to create with the diffuser. Need to get either some CF or likewise I can sandwich some dynamite between as I cba with loads of road noise.

But yeh... Wanted one for ages and it'll cut so much drag from the rest of the car, save a shedload of weight with a shorter system and hopefully look good. What I really need is a lockup or ramp so I can look st pickup points and size the aluminium sheets up properly but it is what it is and I'll just have to make do.

Watch this space.

Great to see the Dark Knight still going well. Your post about Supercar Driver reminds me of chasing a 911 Turbo and Corvette over Snake Pass in my 182 at one of their drives back in 09 I think! Great memories.


ClioSport Club Member
  Jim's rejects
Oh... the memories.
I wonder what Jon Seal makes of it. Or Adam from Shiny Auto's.... or hair bear(?) or Andy Barrat(?).
You though sir, are what I remember best.