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The everlasting ph1 ITB Build **GREEN-BUILD STARTS AT PAGE 100**


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Sorry brake lines have again been ordered from the ebay store Parts in Motion after they suggested First line 3334 and 3335 items would fit as did @barnesautos
I hope they do...

Whilst waiting for them I needed to polish and seal the wheels, with running CL pads the wheels are going to get caked in dust and I want to at least give them a chance. As previously mentioned all the mating faces were rubbed back to bare metal to stop any items working loose. Yesterday in the sun they were treated to a rinse/wash then an Autoglym Super Resin Polish (x2), an Extra Gloss Protection (x1) and finally 2 coats of Poorboys wheel sealant (its so old it had grown mould)


All done and ready to fit up.


Once the brake lines are here I can hopefully fit them up, bolt check the rear and get the car back down on its wheels, then it needs a rinse


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These also turned up this evening, lovely condition. I am unsure yet how I think they will look on the phase 1 - but they will help me with trying to sort the light wiring.
If I don't like them they can always be sold again.


Screenshot 2020-05-29 at 18.44.40.png


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A small but positive one...

The rear lights have been changed out for PH2 items. I was very much against this for a long long time, wanting the keep the ph1 identity. However as soon as I got them on my mind was made up. The PH2 lights just work with the green so much better and make it look far newer imo too.


PH2 lights staying and ph1's sold.
What makes it even better is the PH2 lights have solved pretty much all of the rear light issues (obviously). It was wired for a PH2 after all. Just the left indicators to sort now.


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  Clio 172
A small but positive one...

The rear lights have been changed out for PH2 items. I was very much against this for a long long time, wanting the keep the ph1 identity. However as soon as I got them on my mind was made up. The PH2 lights just work with the green so much better and make it look far newer imo too.

View attachment 1477854 View attachment 1477855

PH2 lights staying and ph1's sold.
What makes it even better is the PH2 lights have solved pretty much all of the rear light issues (obviously). It was wired for a PH2 after all. Just the left indicators to sort now.
That has really transformed the look of the car from the back. Hopefully the indicator issue is now a simple one 👍


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Whoever thinks ph1 lights look amazing is seriously deluded. All imo of course, but the ph2 lights really do update the back end.
I think they look good on the majority of the phase1 colours.... But for sure now I have chopped it around and painted it a garish colour it massively updates it and suits it more.

My Poorboys looks exactly the same!
Ha, that makes me feel better. Do you Poorboys your race wheels?

That has really transformed the look of the car from the back. Hopefully the indicator issue is now a simple one 👍
We have found the issue and it has the potential to be a big one...
It is the steering wheel loom connector to the dash loom. The pin has moved and it is unlikely we will be able to sort that pin so we may have to try and utilise a different pin - the problem is with that is the steering wheel loom uses super fine wires and we could end up damaging a fair bit - but we will see.


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The handbrake lines have turned up, I just haven't got chance to fit them yet to due a poorly little boy. I have also got a new smaller single flat blade wiper - hopefully this will help solve the wiper issue. I am hoping to get some time on the car this weekend, I am desperate to get it back down on its wheels.

In other news though this is happening...

21ten is GOING RACING...

A fair few will know Chris at Beaniesport and this yeah he is going to be competing in the Clio 182 Championship this year and 21ten is going to be supporting him when they are finally allowed out to play.

As a few might have seen from my earlier posts, 21ten is a passion project of mine.
It will be great to see 21ten liveried on a car and feels good to support a friend and fellow small company (who helped a fair bit with the build/storage etc etc of the green car).

Talking of liveries... here is a sneak peak (in Black and White), an in-colour preview is to follow.



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What's 21Ten? Is that the art thing?
It is indeed ‘the art thing’. I am a Graphic Designer by trade. 21ten provides custom/bespoke automotive art (effectively it is me colouring in 😜).

Looks great this. I've seen the colour version already, great design! Look forward to seeing it on track soon.
I was being careful what to show but good to hear it has been seen and liked, thank you for the kind words. 👍


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Handbrake cables. Well today I finally got chance to fit the firstline cables tat I ordered the other week...
These were Firstline part codes 3334 and 3335... The ebay store advised these would fit as did @barnesautos

Well I can not say I am surprised at the outcome in all honesty and it looks like my previous thoughts may be the case....
I got the lines located (the outer cables were/are spot on) and placed the inner lines in with the adjuster at the minimum...


As you can see from above my previous quote (as quoted below) seems apparent.

Adjuster is all good again now with a new nut on it,
It was just that 30mm/37mm on the cables you mentioned that concerned me, but you have advised it and so have Parts in Motion so perhaps I should gamble again.... 4th time lucky
I was hopeful that the adjuster might pull it in enough but pretty sure there was not going to be enough thread there to bring it in the needed amount.
I wound the adjuster fully in (as far as I dared since the last time)... but no, still not enough


I am pretty deflated by this and how many times I have tried and tbh am at a bit of a loss as to what to do next.....
I have tried so many lines now and am having no luck at all...


ClioSport Club Member

As with the annoyance of the handbrake cables I was feeling that I needed to do something positive with the car and as previously mentioned I wanted to get it down on its wheels - despite not solving the handbrake issue and knowing I would potentially need to get it back in the air at some point I decided I would get the wheels on and get the car on the ground, and then potentially give it a much needed wash as it was quite a state.


It is a bit of a faff getting it all back down (especially with separate rear springs and shocks) but its all good, and it gave me the first chance to see how it all sat on the wheels/tyres with the spacers on.



Its pushing it and is close on the inside of the fronts too, but I am pretty sure there is no rubbing anywhere and I think the stance is spot on for track work with just a tiny bit or rake on it....


This will be the first wash it has ever had and I am pretty pleased with how it has come up. This was just a quick rinse but I will be giving it a proper wash and then I will very soon be doing a wash/clay/wash/wax/seal etc


Washing it has raised a couple issues though, obviously the polycarb window vents let in water.... I then also noticed that this likes to collect in the door bases, this isn't really an issue for rust as they are fibreglass but I don't like the idea of that extra weight in there. The water seams to sit in the seam but I think if I put some drainage holes in the main part of the bottom of the door it will find its way our when cornering....


The other thing I noticed was that the drivers window slider handle has gone missing.... no idea where. I got onto the business that originally provided them - ACW Motorsport plastics which was great, I had a good chat with Tony (the owner) who was only setting up when I originally got the windows, it is good to hear that it is going great guns now... Tony took my address and is sending a new item out - what great customer service.

Overall I am pleased with the car and washing it did give me a bit of a boost again... As mentioned above I am now sorting a different handbrake mech so maybe I don't need to get under the car again.... ha

  172 Ph1
@Nafoff .

I contacted Firstline armed with all the info and I had a reply to the query .

Response was

Good morning Jason,

From the information I can get of the reg you quoted I think the cables you need are FKB2605 for the RH & FKB2606 for the LH.

The FKB2605 has an inner cable length of 1380mm & outer 1173mm.
The FKB2606 Has an inner cable length of 1310mm & outer 1103mm.

These are both shorter than the cables you have.

Kind regards.


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I do love this car, but I think I would have to have a complete rear bumper.
Cheers mate, kind of you to say.
The rear bumper is certainly marmite - but with the flat boot floor the bumper would have been quite a big parachute.
I will fit a diffuser at some point, that will certainly help the #upskirt style rear end


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  182 Trophy
Cheers mate, kind of you to say.
The rear bumper is certainly marmite - but with the flat boot floor the bumper would have been quite a big parachute.
I will fit a diffuser at some point, that will certainly help the #upskirt style rear end
Looking great ! i was going to say just add a diffuser for more downforce and it will look the part too.


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Looking great ! i was going to say just add a diffuser for more downforce and it will look the part too.
It is a little way off on the 'importance list' at present but it is still something I am keen to do. Not sure how I will approach it yet, the way I see it there are 3 options:
- either make one from scratch
- Reverie make different width panels which I could utilise
- look at using something straight off another vehicle.


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To keep the theme going it was 2 steps forward and 1 step back over the weekend....

Handbrake... Well I am pleased to say that saga should be over. After a couple more chats with @barnesautos we thought it was probably best to buy a later handbrake (they differ between ph1 and ph2). I got hold of one of these eventually (no thanks to Hermes) from @Stu. Apparently there are a couple of colours but I just wanted the silver button.... ;)


There is quite a bit of difference in length between the ph1 mech and the ph2 mech, I can see why there are so many issue now.... (it is worth noting the ph2 mech came on late ph1's too)


Upon receiving the mech the fitment was checked and although the adjuster was almost right at the end of its adjustment it fitted (this is with the most latest First Line cables 3334 and 3335 I believe).


The metal parts of the mech were a little grubby (standard wear) so was all cleaned up and prepped... Then primed and painted, and then refitted back to the car... That adjuster is so much easier to work with and you have to be under the car to fit the lines so not extra hassle adjusting from there anyways.


Black trim with a silver button (to match the switch panel and PMS shifter, #becauseracetart


Next up was the steering wheel button (loom) connection issue.
@BIGASH again came to help with this (as it was his loom previously), I think the trip was sweetened slightly with BBQ cooked steak. Anyways we looked at various options and decided that the best/cheapest way currently to rectify this was to utilise the wires from another button on the steering wheel. James used all of the buttons when he was racing but I certainly won't be, the current buttons I wouldn't be using would be:

Speed Limiter, Pit to car Radio and Wash.

The Speed Limiter button is located next to the left indicator button so that buttons wires were going to be the donor. We effectively needed to change the wires over so the signal was passing through the bulkhead connector in a different pin and not through the damaged pin...

As you can see from the picture below there are now 2 wires running to the rear of the left indicator (we didn't want to disturb the old wires) and no wires running to the next one in (what was the limiter).


The rears of the buttons were re-potted and all was good. We also decided to pre-empt what I might need in future (considering the button states) and with this we changed what the Radio button will also be used for. The Radio button is going to be changed to a LAUNCH button, as if I am going racing at all this is likely to be sprints/hillclimbs and launches will be very important - Programming this engine wise is very simple.

James then looked at changing the loom on the car side so everything tallied up. Pleased to say that all worked and now all lights are good. Well except a rain/fog light (dependent on what is happening with an MOT).

2 down... 1 to go....


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On the theme of 1 step forward 2 back then onto the Storm Wiper conversion/wiper motor.

As @BIGASH was still over we decided to try and sort the wiper (thinking it was going to be easy). Last time we looked it wasn't right and it was trying to sweep to far and then getting jammed. We thought this may be because the wiper was trying to move too fast. We decided the best approach was to re-wire it to a slower setting.

This was easily done but when we re-attached to the car something wasn't right. We figured out the sweep but this was still a little off and it blew a fuse... no worries a new fuse was put in. Turns out it wasn't because the wiper went to far, it was the Storm wiper mech over-extending... We tried different ways to rectify this but it ended up blowing 2 more fuses and then in the end the wiper motor with a puff of smoke . :ROFLMAO:

(old pic)

We are quite sure the Storm wiper conversion isn't that good, there seems to be mixed reviews on them and judging by the fact they are not around anymore must imply something. We tried looking back at what @BIGASH had as he thought he had a storm wiper kit but his looked different and also didn't give anywhere near the amount of sweep mine did...

So I now need to sort a new wiper assembly and am keen to see what others have done. As the car is obviously in full paint I don't want to do any fabrication, but rivnuts/bolts may work. I think I have a couple of options.

  1. Single wiper from another vehicle - a bit like the @Tomotek Uno wiper or @robzracing I may need to make up a bracket for these but loosing the whole mech might relieve so much pain. Wiper is approx £65

  2. Buy another clio mech and then move the passenger arm to the drivers spindle.... This seems a bit pikey to me and also the thought of having all that mech underneath a bit pointless, but it would probably be easier. approx £35 used.

  3. Any other suggestions???
Keen to hear thoughts/experiences on this...


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Whilst time passes as I try to figure out what I am doing with the wiper I thought I would get some other jobs tied up.

Numberplate and rain/fog light.
With how the previous loom was wired and me not having a rain/fog light I wired up that switch to switch the rear numberplate light. Now when I was checking the MOT requirements I noticed it needed a switched rain/fog light. With this in mind I spliced out of the rear drivers light to the rear numberplate light. I then took the previous rain/fog light loom and tucked/routed it up behind the C pillar. The length is spot on utilising the tailgate bolt as an earth point too. It should work out quite well as I am thinking of having a central inner mounted light.


I have had these so long and they have just sat there, not sure why I hadn't fitted them up previously but I thought now was a good a time as any.
They are Streamline carbon doorcards. I must say they are quite thin, but they are super light.


I got the cards taped up on the doors to mark out where I was going to mount them, I also taped up the door handle area so I could mark up where I needed to add the mount (riv nut) for that.


With it all marked up I drilled the doorcard and the door in-place (starting on each corner) to make sure they matched up, placing rivets in the holes to hold the doorcard. I decided to rivet the cards in as there is nothing behind there to really worry about. All holes drilled perfect, I also added a small trim clip for the door latch cable to keep that from vibrating or pulling on the handle too much.

The biggest issue I had was adding the riv nuts. Being that the doors are plastic the riv nuts didn't really want to grip all too much and it was such a fine balance between them gripping enough to pull the tool out/mount a bolt and them just spinning - But got there in the end.


I checked the bolts first before riveting the panel up and all seemed well. I added a custom pull strap just behind the handle and riv nutted this also to try and keep the strength in this area.


I started passenger side based on that if I f*cked it up I wouldn't have to look at it as much... Just prior to fitting up the passenger door I used it as a template to mark up the drivers door. The drivers door was about 10x quicker.


Pretty happy with those.... really tidies up the interior


The list is getting much smaller now and it could go for an MOT pretty soon. Got to decide if I want to drive it or trailer it when we move house...


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Drive it when you move house, you know you’ll be eager to have a drive - I would be!

door cards make a big difference, I like


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How you getting on?
With the Wiper? I haven't really moved forward tbh as have had a lot on my plate recently with a house purchase.

I have had a few thoughts and conversations regarding it.
@robzracing uses a laguna rear wiper that sounds good, and is under 1/4 the price of the uno item. He uses his with a mount that needs an extra attachment at the base (see below)

Screenshot 2020-07-02 at 15.21.00.png

This seems like a good execution but I would ideally like to utilise the existing mounts and not add anything more (kind of like my crude drawing above).
This will obviously need to be pretty strong and I was thinking billet. I have spoken to my ex neighbour who runs/owns but I think this will be too expensive. Another option may be a flat thicker piece of ally that I can cut and shape myself....


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Why single wiper?
Like most of the build I had all the parts free from back in my FastCar Magazine days. As I had the single wiper assembly thats what I was going with (as it seemed easy).

Now I have a blown motor and an assembly that is potentially flawed I might aswell look at the best option and I believe ditching the dual assembly and having a much lighter single only motor will be simpler and lighter - once I figure how to mount it


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Well I would love to say that things have progressed, but they just haven't, in any way.

Life has kind of been getting in the way again with a lot going on, but potentially in a very good way as we are finalising a house purchase back down in the West Country. Hopefully that should proceed relatively quickly now and we can get down there. The car will not be driven down there as I won't have the time to do any more on it before the move - its also not worth the stress to push myself to do that... looking forward to having a proper garage to work on it again though.