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The illiams 2007

After the RSi-brid I said to my self i was done with Clios for good... in the time between i had owned a BMW E30 325i, VW Caddy 1.6D & 2x VW Mk1 Golf 1.1's but they just didn't have the pace or handling of the Clios and i wanted a car i could take on track
A cheap Ph1 black 16V came up cheap on it had failed its MOT for being to low (very fitting lol).. So off i went to Scotland to pick the car up



Good rear arches


Dent free roof


I tooked it away on my nans drive till i could find a Williams engine and track
I found out King Stromba was breaking a Williams 2, so i got intouch with him and to cut a long story short I bought the hole car from him ish (minus interior, dash, wheels) and drove it back home... with the agreement to bring him back the brakes, body panels and any other parts from the list... my plan was to use the black valver as donar for any extra parts the Williams needed.. main reason for binning the valver was the sunroof (ive been pissed on oh to many times lol)

Both cars at my mates yard



After taking Strombas parts back i was left with this



I painted some steels i had matt black


and fitted my fibre glass shell bonnet from my black hybrid


Looking very **** lol



I removed all the sound deadening as the Williams has much more than a valver.. its a nice weight saver

The Williams was starting to look rather ill and ratty... I got my stanley blade out and the illiams was born lol


The stenciled bonnet and the bees nest as Ali called it lol


Refitted the Williams tailgate to be "illiams'd"


In order to save more weight... I removed the Aux fuel tank


Ph1 cap.. bonus


Hillpower Decat ready to fit

Now its wheel time again... I needed something ratty but super light weight, I found these BBS RS on ebay and just had to have them


They needed the centres bored out from 57.1 - 60.1... I sent them away to be done but they broke the machine lol, so i used a flip wheel to do it lol



It was looking rather on stilts lol



I fitted some Ph1 Williams manual wing mirrors to save more weight

I took illy to the pod to get some times best of the day was 14.6 @ 95mph... was abit unhappy with that




photoshoot with the rusty steels.. very ill ;)




At this point it was crying out to be lowered... A photoshop comfirmed this fact lol

The day after the photoshoot I took the engine and gearbox out as they had already been sold at FCS.. just had to use the car for the shoot first, so I left the engine less illy sitting on my nans drive



Next step for The illiams was to turn into a real track car now... I had had my fun.. Question was what engine do i use....?

First thought was a Ph1 172 engine, so i bought a writen off 172 but ended up putting the engine up for sale as everyone else on Cliosport was starting Mk1 172 builds lol

Lucky for me i found a 2.0 8V engine out of Formula renault race car on ebay and he was willing to swap for the 172 engine




Then it all went abit stale and everything sat doing nothing, I was busy doing other things to other cars.... Then my ex found out Stromba had a rust free Williams 1 shell, which i ended up swapping for the race engine, then i needed the space to build that car so illy had to go..... broke my heart but i had no where to keep the car






The End.... 2007-07

I don't expect everyone or anyone to understand the illiams... call it rat, scrap, sh*t... what ever you like...... To me it will just be an ill Williams, it was great fun to own and build

Thanks for reading
lol, illiams. good work mate, would have been sweet to get that F3R fitted. did anything ever happen with those wheels?
  A4 Avant
Without wanting to sound rude, but to me you seem to get a car to a half decent standard and then ruin it. Have you ever fully finished a project?

Not baiting or anything.
  A4 Avant
It just seemed that before you took the engine out after FCS 07 it was a really nice car, getting magazine featured. Then it just seems to go down hill. Bit of a waste, especially seein the last few pics of it in such a sorry state.
those are some back in the day photos, spesh the under the truck ones. . . from when i was still around at meets :(

  172 Race Car
Didnt know the full illiams story before i read this.

Shame it didnt advance further after the mag feature
Look everyone... THIS is what the project forum is for!

awsome work, i actually really enjoyed reading the story of the car :approve:
  Black Gold Trophy
Without wanting to sound rude, but to me you seem to get a car to a half decent standard and then ruin it. Have you ever fully finished a project?

Not baiting or anything.

I totally agree, pretty much anyone can ruin a car, but bringing a sh*t car back to life now thats a different story!

I personally dont think getting a feature is what it's all about...

Take my old car for example...
never got a feature (but to be honest I never even tried to get a feature)

As I bought it...


How I sold it...




Ah well, only a matter of opinion!
^LOL^ Vauxhalls in The illiams thread makes Winston sad ;)

I did not set out to get the car in a magazine... It was just a stroke of luck that Simon Jackson was the editor at the time and stumbled across the car at FCS. He understood what the car was about which showed in an excellent write up in the feature

It was cool to beat all my mates to a mag feature lol

Im glad people have enjoyed the projects... I enjoyed making them :)
  wait and see ;)
ah i remember comeing round a few times with f0xy helping to take the illiams apart, wus a great car in its time, just wish i could of seen it in its best condition and not half destroyed
  Meg'd r27
Brilliant read, nice to not have it all in the first couple of pages and not have to come back all the time for updates