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The Macmillan Total..

Firstly, a big thankyou to everyone that donated prizes.

i4Detailing, G172, N2 Grafix, ClioSpares, TDF, MT Audio, Gecko Graphix, Sky Insurance, Colshe Motor Company, RenaultSport, AirAsiaClioCup, Codemasters, Rare Rims, PFC, AutoBrite Direct, Wests Renault, Spray Shack, R-Sport Cars, StreamLine Carbon, The Ultimate Finish, Dyson, Dodo Juice, AutoGlym, Muc-Off, Trax, Performance Motor Care, V6Clio, Birchdown, Crawley Down Renault and finally Renault Accident Support Line.

Without you guys, there would have been no raffle and we wouldn't have such a great amount to give away.

And then of course, without the generosity of you guys buying raffle tickets or Krispy Kremes, then there would have been no money raised either.

I bugged as many people as I could find. Some people more than once :eek: (Hi Owen) and brilliantly, some people did buy more than one lot and shamefully I can't remember the guy who bought some even though his Missus said he shouldn't! Lol.

I know some people have said that the raffle did drag on a bit but that is a by-product of having so many prizes. If we want a big raffle and to try and raise a lot of money, then there is going to be a lot of prizes. If anyone has any suggestions of how to improve it, then feel free to PM me about it.

So without anymore rambling, which most of you have just ignored and scrolled to find the number, we raised a total of..


Thankyou to everyone :D
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ClioSport Admin
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Absolutely brilliant work everyone! Dan for sorting everything pre-show and selling, Seb and Mrs. Seb on the sales team, all the of companies listed above for their generous donations and of-course, all of you for purchasing tickets!

  182 Turbo Project
That's fantastic guys.

Real shame I couldn't make it.

It's great that a club can meet together and raise money for a fantastic charity at the same time!

Keep it up!


ClioSport Admin
Nice one guys, that's a great total.

On a related note, your right Luke, the Jelly Bean air freshener is made of win.


ClioSport Club Member
Brilliant guys. So so happy that that kinda cash could be raised for an amazing charity.

Hope Dan's proud of us and I know he'll be proud of you Dan. I know how much effort you were putting in to get prizes.

Well done guys!


ClioSport Admin
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Plus I outsold 'Team Seb' but I don't like to brag.
I'm sure 'Team Seb' would argue their donut sales made up any difference

For the record, I wasn't in 'Team Seb', so that is an unbiased opinion!
I'm sure 'Team Seb' would argue their donut sales made up any difference

For the record, I wasn't in 'Team Seb', so that is an unbiased opinion!
Team Me beat Team Tent even if you include donuts. But it's all for a good cause :approve:

Plus they were waaay more organised than me :eek:
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Great total guys! Revels it was me that upset the misses buying tickets lol payed off tho :) thanks for the donut aswell mate, had a great day.
  182 track, Mk7 ST
That's excellent, really is a good amount and the prizes were brilliant, I won a hat haha :)

At one point donuts were being forced on us to get more money lol :p
  RIP Dan
That is great news and especially for a geeky French car club. Especially when lots (except the CS millionaires) are tight for cash. The businesses who contributed the prizes are stars too.

Would have liked to come over, maybe next year.


  BMW 440i
Great amount to Charity! CS should have a Christmas bash as well as the summer one.
  SG9 Forester STi
Did you just go about charming all day then Revels?

Hugely impressed with the total raised for Macmillan! I didn't expect it to be anywhere near that so well done all!