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The new tool thread



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  Clio 182


ClioSport Club Member
Does anyone in Leeds want one of these? They're a tenner cheaper if you buy two together..... 😂


ClioSport Club Member
Ffs, I send you the one I bought at 13 quid and you go and buy that big bast 🥵
It's why I didn't tell you cos I didn't want you to think I was eleveneriffing you! 😂

Did the old classic me:

I need some crimping pliers for 2 battery terminals.
I'll have a gander and see what's about.
You send me the link.
Yeah they look good but if I'm paying some money shall I get some that encapsulates my requirements in x amount of years when I need to crimp some thicker cables.
Mull it over some red wine and before I know it I'm suckered into comments like these on the advert:



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  Clio 172
I’ve got that one and I was pleasantly surprised at the torque. I’ve used it on quite a bit and had no issues. Battery life of great too
Good to hear. I was trying to make my mind up between this and the draper stormforce, but the kielder was smaller and lighter. The stormforce range does have some good tools in it with compatible batteries, and for the price you can get an impact wrench with two 3AH batteries supplied...


ClioSport Club Member
Just ordered myself a laser level

The milwaukee one was £600 and heard great things about hueper.

Been informed that they are significantly cheaper on aliexpress so ordered the best one they do for a grand total of £138! About a £100 saving.

It does 16 lines, which is many many lines.


ClioSport Club Member
Pretty much Snap On aren't they.

If you live in America they're probably better, as Napa's ( US version of Andrew Page ) warranty is unbelievable, if you break something you ring them up and they just send a replacement out with your parts order the same day.