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The new tool thread


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Just arrived. Mega quality!



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  Clio 182
There multiplying…

Also picked up one of the rapid chargers, empty 5ah batteries been on 20mins and it’s already up to 3 lights.


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The Megane has just over 7 litres of oil in the c**t

I mean I suppose it's better than the 12 litres you need in a 4BT 😂 My dads mate learnt very quickly that buying a Euro car parts drum of oil for his defender was cheaper than buying 3 bottles of oil every time 😂

Yeah i remember doing an M9R and thinking where the f**k is all this oil going 😂
Made myself a new tool today

@J-J donated some 20mm plate so I could make this


Its heavy enough to where it squashes s**t. After this picture was taken I managed to get another 4 full mower baskets worth of grass in there🤣 So now I can leave that in there for weeks and whilst the foliage is decomposing and it continues to squash it further and further down the bin. I've got a 1 tonne bag full of clippings after removing 3 small shrubs/saplings today.

Saves me getting in the bin and jumping about like a melon