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Thinking of buying a modded 172

Thinking of buying a modded 172 just wondered whta these mods are like and if they are any good.

I would also like to know about lowering, it says the car is lowered 90 mm ? Im a little concerned by this or is that a normal amount?

The mods areas follows:
K-Tec Exhaust: gives a nice throaty exhaust note without being too boomy or loud
CDA Airbox and filter: improves engine airflow and gives and nice raspy induction noise
GAZ coilover suspension: the ride has been firmed up and the height has been dropped by approx. 90mm for optimised handling. Seriously, this car handles like a Go-Kart!!
Group N ECU: A remapped ECU which advances the ignition timing and gives improved performance and fuel economy
OZ 17inch Superleggra alloys: Really suits the car as you can see in the pictures, the wheel arches were professionally rolled to alloy the larger wheels to fit nicely (standards are 15inch)

Also a little concerned by the fact the arches have been rolled any problems with this (cracked paint then rust after a while?)

  BMW E46 330i Touring
It'll be a well known 172 that used to be on here mate, very well modified and looked after. I don't know what's happened in the last year, but I was close to buying this myself.

And it's never 90mm lowered, but it's just about right. :)
yeah i know most things could be taken off but just wanted to know people opinions on the mods that it has got?

How do these cars fair up against civic type r's and golf 1.8 turbos?
  BMW E46 330i Touring
It started off as Dean's I think (don't know forum name) and then was Clarkie172's.

They'll match a Type R and should leave a Golf behind.