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Titanium MrBlonde

As some of you may know already,i had an accident in my Cup & hit a barrier.In a nutshell,Raining very early cold morning on AD80rs (close to the limit) back end stepped out going up a banking corner.Still Drives fine tho,just wasnt worth me repairing,So decide on getting a 182 but in Silver.

So i found one and got up early on a Sat morning to head to south wales.

So this one is on 53k 2 owners & one of the very last ones & standard,previous owner also has a lovely Mars Red V6.

So plan is to get all the good bits off the cup & transfer onto the 182 then break or sell the cup as a whole car.

Couple of Photos of the Cups damage

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Can you guess what colour there going next?...😁

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No idea bud, but looking at your photos on IG, I'm very tempted to get my Pro Race LT's powder coated in a similar gold to what you had a while ago!

The current matt anthracite looks smart but very quickly can just look like an extremely dirty/brake dust coated eye sore!
Had a few little dents taken out of the 182 this week by The Dent man.Did a great job,did not get any photos of the process as was dont at my work,while i was out.

I have the mot due next week,so back on the cat and have to say i might just keep it with the cat on now.

Fitted up the undertray i bought along with a clean and new bolts and washers.

Once mot is done,i will start on taking off the roll centre kit for a good clean,new bearings and also fit rubber boots that i have bought for the bump steer ends.I have also been thinking to take off the arb to be powder coated along with some mounts etc.I do have a pair of wishbones with black series bushes fitted than will get powder coated also.

A few photos also of the recent wheel colour change.Not 100% on the colour yet,i will prob change the colour again soon maybe easter time.Split on back to a silver of some kind or a dark met anthracite,thoughts on these colours please would be nice.

Another Years mot done on the French Frie this morning,with no advisories.

With having put the cat back on for the mot,i have bought a non res centre section to put on also.As i have been thinking to keep the cat on & just have a non res centre.Anyone have or had this set up on?.

Easy to change things back if i dont like it.


Will start to clean up parts soon and get things powder coated.Wishbones,roll centre kit & fit boots over the bump steer ends.