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Titanium MrBlonde

As some of you may know already,i had an accident in my Cup & hit a barrier.In a nutshell,Raining very early cold morning on AD80rs (close to the limit) back end stepped out going up a banking corner.Still Drives fine tho,just wasnt worth me repairing,So decide on getting a 182 but in Silver.

So i found one and got up early on a Sat morning to head to south wales.

So this one is on 53k 2 owners & one of the very last ones & standard,previous owner also has a lovely Mars Red V6.

So plan is to get all the good bits off the cup & transfer onto the 182 then break or sell the cup as a whole car.

Couple of Photos of the Cups damage

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My headlights started to show signs of going a little bit yellow.So asked Mark @Jekyll if wouldnt mind restoring them again.There were in good condition considering last done 3 years ago to this month.As always Mark done a great job and protected again with a ceramic coating.

If you live about an hour away from Harlow and would like yours also done,drop Mark a message.

Thanks for the kind words mate.

Was funny that unknown to us, being 3 years to the week! Same the weather was a bit up and down but the end result was good 👍
Suspension advice needed please.

Currently on B14's but there over 10 years old now,so looking to either get another set or go down the BC route.Its a fast road set up clio,so no track use apart from a trip to nurburg next year.

So looking at peoples opinons on both set ups please and what spring rate,as they start at 4kg for the fronts.

Also if i go BC i will be doing the fully rear coilover conversion.

Also Turinis have been Sold😬
What's it rolling on now then?
Painting the evo wheels again & back on them.The turinis are just not 100% with pitting etc & just lets the rest of the car down.Drives better on the 15s i think,i will look out for another set of turinis tho but a decent set.

Marks putting them on his car 😬