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To declare.....or not

  ICE'dberg MK2 172

Before I start I dont condone or intend to fraudulently apply for insurance......but...

Is a remap of the ECU classed as a chip??? :confused:

I have been on a well known online insurance site and done a few quotes for the planned mods.

All are FC, £160 xs, Protected bonus (max)
1st quote: Zorst & Filter.....£444 :D
2nd: Zorst , Filter & chip....£453......:D £9 difference for the chip
3rd: Zorst , Filter, Alloys & Lowered....£491:D
4th: Zorst , Filter, chip, Alloys & Lowered....£585....:eek: £94 difference for the chip

So you can see my dilemma. :confused:

Oh and sorry about the prices but age has something to do with it. LOL!!!!! :oops:

I would have thought that a remap would be classed as a chip...or at least a performance the hell theyd ever now youd done it is beyond me however.........:devilish:
  ICE'dberg MK2 172

Just tried.....

Zorst, Filter, Chip & Lowered....£491 add Alloys and it goes up to £585 again.

Possibly the 5 mod rule????
  BMW 320d Sport

Yes all insurance will count any kind of ECU mod as a chip. Some are more twitchy about it than others. Its not unknown for insurance assessors to get their approved garages to run a diagnostic on it and then find out that theres an ECU error - a common effect when you chip a car. If it can be done without bringing up an ECU error, then go for it. If not, its up to you whether you take a chance or not. In other words how likely is it that youre gonna crash in the next year, and if you do how likely is it that they will get it hauled to a garage you dont know personally for the assessment and repair. Then weigh that against a saving of £90 or whatever it is. Its up to you.

what ?? !!!.. insurance compamies running diagnostics on an ecu.... ??

What HAVE you been smoking Nick ?? lol....:)

also, an ecu error being a common effect when you chip a car... errrrrr nope.. the idea is NOT to cause an ecu error as error mode usually causes LOS activation.

Even renaults reader cant tell if it has been chipped properly, it can overwrite, but not identify.

Joe. ;)