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Today in renault garage

moving on from my topic below.When i was in renault today here in Aberdeen i spotted a new clio 172 cup that had been sold, as i walked up i thought oh yes that is smart looks mean nice wheels and very nice clour of blue, then i seen the inside and thought woo hoo that is stripped out. Rather plain inside, seats look crap, no head rests, no air con. I know the point was to save weight but i think the inside looks "basic". I think the look of the car and performance just makes up for the interior. Pitty they couldnt get the performance with all the gadgets. Good to see its kicked the ass of that crapy mini supercharger thing in autocar mag i think.
  Renault Laguna Coupe

You *can* get the performance with the gadgets. Just takes a little research and some patience. The Cup is a great car though, and a shrewd piece of marketing.