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Tomorrow i may be the owner of a FF 182! :):)

  An orange one
The v6 is going, need 4 seats and more chuckability!

Going to see a Titanium 05 plater FF with both cup packs and 12k for £9599 tomorrow :) cant wait..missed my 172 cup ever since i have had the v6! :):)

If its all ok, will be placing a deposit, then need to sort out plate transfer, insurance, loan and go get it!

should i be this excited when i am selling a v6 to get a 182???

H&Rs are first, along with viper and Miltek exhaust! hehe
  Clio 172 mk2
Never driven a V6 so I don't know how different they are...all I know is I love driving my 172, sure the 182 will put a smile on your face:D