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Tuning & Air Filter

Has anyone had there 172 on a ecent rolling road in the north as I thnk mine isnt quite right and I have had it back to Renault and they have re-set the parameters!

I have a Cup 172 !

And also what are the best air filters about to go in my standard box, I dont want an induction kit just yet, just an in-between!

  ICE'dberg MK2 172

Whats "not quite right"? There has been a few reported anomalies in the power output of 172s recently . Although that is probably down to which RR you use. As long as you use the same one and not compare different roads then you should get a reliable figure.
An earlier session in the year at Power Engineering showed all 172s tested have an output of average 162@TF 124@TW and on the North session they were getting average 170@TF 146@TW so you see what I mean about using the same one. Get it tested and from there see what you get....if its really low take your printouts back to Renault and put it in their court.
  Skoda Fabia vRS

the rollin road we used was R.E Performance Centre in Bury

PGTi magazine is out on Thursday an i think were in it