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Turini's or pro race 1.2?

  Discounted 1*2 parts
Hi guys what wheels should i go for. My options are

Speedline Turinis 16"
Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2 16"

If i have the team dynamics i will buy them in black. If i buy turini's i will spray them black or dark anthracite.

I've always had my heart set on the speedlines as i think they look the nuts but everybody seems to have them! The team dynamics appeal to me because they are only 7.4kg a corner. Any ideas on the weight of the speedlines?

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ClioSport Club Member
  nimbus r27
ive got 1.2s aswell!! they are cool wheels and its always good to be diff!
any pics of your car with them on ate i have an arctic blue 182 as well

Only this crappy phone pic :(


Oh...and they are 15" too. Cheaper track tyres ftw :)
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shadowness i was considering 15's. how much is yours lowered by cos if that was mine id want if lower

beij are they 16's?
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chrispy have you got any pics of your motor on 15's.

i really want 15's but it needs to be lowered quite a lot to pull them off. and i dont wanna end up spending £600+ on coilovers that will lower the amount i would need