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Twingo GT what to do next???

  Twingo 1.2 TCE
I have an 08'plate twingo GT, i have recently had the following done to it:
KTR Twingo Gt Braided Brake Line Kit
KTR Twingo Gt Braided Brake Line Kit
KTR Twingo Gt Ultra Performance Exhaust System (twin pipe)
KTR Twingo Gt Silicone Turbo Inlet Hose
KTR Twingo Gt Silicone Coolant Hose Kit
KTR Panel Filter Upgrade
Twingo 2 Gt Eibach Pro Lowering Springs
Stage 1 Tuning Package
toyo tr-1 tires

I was wondering what to do next which is cheap and will get my 0-60 time down and my bhp up? i was thinking of a wizard of nitrous kit but they are ranging for £1000-£1500 for a full kit plus heaters and control units?
get yourself on

there is a GT owner on there who has done ALOT to his car..might be worth having a look/chat to him
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Immaaaa. Check book modifier...

Nitrous is great, but you've gotta be sensible else it starts getting very expensive very quickly.
  Mini Cooper S
How many miles have you done since the remap? Is it reliable? I'm thinking of doing it to my Clio TCE...
  Twingo 1.2 TCE
does anyone know where i can get a intercooler to fit? i have seen pics of one but it dont say where he got it!!! k-tec dont make them and they wont do a stage two without it!!!
  Twingo 1.2 TCE
Got the intercooler orderded, k-tec can get biggger injectors! just need to wait for someone to make a uprated clutch!! without the clutch they said it starts slipping so they lower the torque. but its possible to get over 150 bhp without the clutch!! fingers crossed in the next cpl of weeks!!


ClioSport Admin
Pics? I was interested in one of these but I was swayed off them, apparently with a remap, filter an exhaust system they can be tuned up to 130bhp... But apparently it gets delivered all at once and then the power is lost... Haven't really done much research into these though
  Twingo 1.2 TCE
no pics of yet mate! i want it to look standard, and my goal is to beat my mates fiesta st standard. they are fun lil car stage 1 is cheap and easy to get 30+ hp but no one really does parts yet for the twingo. dont go for the rs my gt smashes them and it worked out cheaper!
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Im sure i heard the internals of the GT engine are only good for 130BHP?

Might just be BS but im curious..
  Twingo 1.2 TCE
been speaking to k-tec alot so hopefully they dont blow it up fingercrossed!!! does anyone know if u can get an uprated cluth for the twingo
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Try speaking to CG motorsport. They know what they are talking about when it comes to clutch's! Oh and get some picture up...!
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At FCS 2009, Ktec has a1.2tce Twingo and it was running circa 150bhp! Not bad little cars.
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I've looked on there and noticed a few are scared to go past 140bhp due to engine but none of them have been up rated in a sense, and also I know te 182 injectors are a straight fit in ...
  TrackCar & F30 330d
I drove ktec's Twingo GT for a few weeks when they had my Clio years ago. Great little car, really enjoyed it actually.

But your on the wrong forum for facts about what's best for Twingos!