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Twingo Turbo - Birmingham (Motorola)


  RS 182 - Black Gold
Parked next to me in the car park today!!

Twingo Turbo in black.
Cream leather interior

Looks dinky against my clio even hehe
  Clio 182 Trophy 047/500
LOL when we were on hols in Teneriffe earlier this year, we were driving up the mountain and saw a kitted out Twingo, with full bodykit and leather, they look so cool, my other half call them Mole Cars becuse they look like a mole.

I would love to have one, and put a 182 lump in it, that would be a serious street sleeper. LOL


  RS 182 - Black Gold

Ive just sent an email round work asking who owns it!

Not seen this one in the car park before so probably a Contractor from France.