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Ultrasonic alarm mod

Hi guys,

My first proper post! Picked up my artic 182 FF with cup packs on Saturday and love it :cool: Sold my S2000 for something more suited to the british climate ;)

Anyway the alarm is too sensitive and goes off when in open spaces. Done a few searches and now know everything required about the alarm system! I don't really want to go to the dealer to fix it and turning the ultrasonics off all the time is annoying. I read that the wires I needed to swap were under the cup holders so I took it out, but could only see a port and an electronic box mounted sideways underneath some carpet and padding. Is this correct?

Any help much appreciated. Cheers.

Cheers. I'd already looked at that. Problem was when I took the cup holders out I couldn't see the wires that are being described. Do they come from the control box (silver ECU type thingy with lots of wires coming off)?