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Uniroyal Rainsport tyres..

Anyone have any experiences of the above?

Need to change my fronts this week. To give me some ideas as what to get next Ive looked at previous posts on here, and looked at the "Tyre-Test" section on

I think Ive narrowed my list of possibles down to the following: Goodyear Eagle F1, Michelin Pilot Exaltos, or the Uniroyal Rainsport1s. I know that many of you here rate the Eagles, but I am really interesed to hear if people have any opinions on the Uniroyals.

Ta, Andy.
  Toureg vW Transporte

my girlfriend has these on her corsa gsi and they seemed really good, id say on a par with my old toyo proxes, but they seem to wear down fast(i know u cant have it both ways and it could be due to her car being on 17s and lowered 60mm;)
  1995 Mondeo Speed Machine

Ive got them on mine. Whereas as Uniroyal may not be as fashionable as Goodyear or Toyo etc, Ive found them to be really good, especially in the wet. I cant really comment on the wear cos Ive only had them about five months but theyve stood up well to everything Ive thrown at them.


Ive just replaced my 4 tyres to uniroyals rainsport,used to have michelins on but due to xmas I didnt have enuff money to get michelins.the uniroyals seem to be good.I did have 195/50/15 on but I now have 205/45/16 on due to my new wheels (anteras).I rate the michelin pilots one of the best tyres on the market,I havent had the uniroyals on any car that I have had,but they seem to be just as good as the michelins,and nearly £100 cheaper.I hope mine uniroyals :D dont wear down michelins done 30,000 miles.
  Clio 16v, Uno Turbo, VRS

ive got them, and i tell u now in the wet they are awesome!!! even in the dry they still stick to the road like s**t to a blanket!! id get some mate, cant fault em!


Excellent tyres!!! I managed to pick them up @ £42 a corner for 195/40/16!!! (balanced and fitted them myself)

I used them on my mk2, superb in all conditions with good wear...

I also had them on my beemer (383bhp, 320lb/ft) and OK, they didnt last forever but the 6000 miles I got out of them were hillarious!!!! having said that I tried SP9000s, SO2s and SO3s... none lasted any better.
  H22A7 Accord Type R

They get good mate has them on his 206. Theh wear down a bit but thats prob due to his driving! Im after some new ones too, prob get toyo proxies, but goodyear F1s still on the cards! want a nice tyre with a V-groove :D
  Clio v6

Quote: Originally posted by clioboy on 12 January 2003

I hope mine uniroyals :D dont wear down michelins done 30,000 miles.

Bleedin heck 30k miles on 1 set? did you wind the speedo forward?

Soooooooo jealous. I get 6k miles out of mine :(
  Alfa Mito 155TB

Had to change a conti sport 195/45/R16 it cost £65 + vat for same tyre...asked the tyre people about what performance tyres they thought were best in this size...

Out top came the Eagle F1 followed by the Uniroyal rain sport tyre....they didnt have anything good to say about the continental sports....

I only changed the conti sport because a self tapper screw got stuck in the tyre wall.

When these wear out on the front putting Eagle F1s on next on maybe Pirelli P zeros if they come in this size.

I got the Uniroyals. My Tyre-man didnt have an opinion on them as it isnt a brand he usually stocks. He was surprised that I wanted Uniroyals over the Contisport as both tyres are made by the same people (Uniroyal are owned by Continental), however he said that the Uniroyals looked like a good tyre.

Like Tumbleweeds trye people he also said that the Goodyear F1 was a excellent tyre. He was also astonished that the Contisport had worn so quickly, just 10,000 miles for me, but said that they are generally regarded as a very good tyre and were known for their road-noise reducing properties.

First impressions are good. My Contis were well worn at the end, however the Uniroyals seem to have good grip on pulling away and in the corners and stop well on these greasey, damp roads that we have at the moment.

I had Yokohamas on my last car and they were tremendous for dry grip but didnt last very long and werent too great in the wet.

Uniroyal rainsports on mine 195/45/16

So far so good, Done about 5000 miles on them. Much better than the p5000 in the dry and much much better in the rain. Would consider getting them again when these wear out.


  Audi TT Stronic

My mums old escort had the same tyres on for 7 years, and they were still legal when she sold it.

7 years !!! not one tyre changed..