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Update, lowered and cleaned


ClioSport Club Member
  Valver, Octavia vRS
here it is 2 weeks after i fitted my Vmaxx coilovers and after a quick clean





List of future things to come (hopefully):
  • Spacers
  • 16" alloys, either ultras or pro 1.2s or something similar
  • recessed exhaust
  • BMC induction kit
  • Maybe a superchip as well
  • Front and rear strut braces as well
Tell us wot you think then, NO HATERS please.

Cheers weecraig1508



Jokes, looks really smart :) Maybe wind the rear down slightly?

Good list of future mod's too!
Nice height, 1.2s are made for slamming. Don't bother with the superchip seriously, spend the cash on some 1*2 xenons or something!
  TrackCar & F30 330d
Yep, looks quite nice. Nothing too drastic :)

I wouldnt bother with the rear brace buddy, It wont make it any stiffer unfortunatly.


ClioSport Club Member
  Valver, Octavia vRS
Thats as far as the rear will go, its wound all the way down, and also the kit was fitted by me and my old man, and we accidently popped the driveshaft out, so i also had to get gearbox oil when it was fitted, bit annoying but it happens.



ClioSport Club Member
Looks lovely that :) Nice subtle changes but as said above save the money and spend it on more cosmetic changes :)


ClioSport Club Member
  Valver, Octavia vRS

Maybe, but theres a lot of speed bumps around my area, the rear could do with going a bit more, the front just scraps over speed bumps.

Saw this at the college the other day, mint example tbh!

You get any scrubbing being that low on full lock?

yea i sometimes use the college car park if the wee one next to it is full, which it is most of the time, it'll probably be there again the tomorrow.
Its there because am working in the building across from it.

I tried to look for yours last week but couldn't see it.


ClioSport Club Member
  Valver, Octavia vRS
real nice,
naughty blue is the best colour. fact.

i have a custom recessed exhaust if your intrested 2.25" diameter tubing and 3.5" inward rolled slash tip, would suit it lovely

would that bolt straight on to the 1.4
How much any way. Looks like the one i would want as well.