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USC Yesterday

  Clio Phase II 16V

Did anybody go, some little sh*t nicked one of the centres off of my Valver, car just looks stupid now

Saw a williams going up the strip although he did a 16.5 sec run.

The best was a go-kart with a big engine on the back, did the 1/4 mile in 13.5 with a speed of over 100MPH.
  mk2 172

raced your old motor the other night adam, very fast aint it, faster than i thought a valver would be but not quite fast enought



It aint running right at the moment, renault had my car for an electrical fault and i told them not to touch the boost valve as i paid to have it set up. Anyway picked it up and low and behold some little grease monkey got handy with a screwdriver in my boost valve arrrrhhhhhhhhhhhhh, car felt so bad afterwards compared to before i.e it really was that noticable. Ren said they set the fuel pressure back to normal knobs! It needs setting up on a rr again then itll be running low 15s 1/4 mile and you WILL be suprised

btw whats your best 1/4
  mk2 172

am going for first time on 25th, as my car was smashed b4 i got chance to test it. lets just say 172s cant beat me from any-any speed hopin for low 15s. when craig set off first and i followed the other day it was about 60-70 i think i had to ease off, but yours is decieving as it doesnt feel as fast, but really shifts!

  mk2 172

anyway, we have some *chase footage* to come soon, might be ok but havent seen it yet, but think it was about third gear when i homed in a bit, good laugh though!


It does have those sexy 17s to lug around though, stick the 15s on and watch her go Raced a few willys before and to be honest ive beaten them all to 80 and then 2ltr power tells and they sail past

I think that craigs 16v is THE fastest stage 1 16v around (filter,zorst,boost valve) and he has the 1/4 mile slips to prove this

Dont forget it will take craig a little time to learn how to extract the most from the car.

wish we couldve met up for a race before i sold her your willy sounds great (ooer) could still race now if you want
  mk2 172

think ill give that challenge a miss mate, dont wanna embarrass ur new car, that valver sure does sound sweet, and very tidy, he got a whole lotta car for his dosh, very flat on corners too. top motor


Cheers craggy,

the 16v still is my first love and in many ways i love it more than my evo, mainly cos i made it the way i wanted it. Ihope craig looks after and enjoys it as much as i did As you have probably noticed i cant stay away from this board as im dying to check up on the progress of my old motor and his new owner want to hear the stories of the scalps its taking, i could sit here for hours reminising......
  mk2 172

i can definately relate to that mate, id be doing the same, "scalps its takin" is still making me chuckle now, like a wild indian roving the byways, looking for blood, kinda like what i drive round every night looking for!


Thing is its no fun in the evo as no one wants to know the only thing i raced so far is a lotus esprit down some lanes was very close oh and the 3 cossies on the m6 last week that came flying past me and a friend in another evo, we quickly caught and passed at *50 only kidding officer
  Lionel Richie

I was there!!! A black valver with gold wheels pulled a 14.9sec and i saw a black Dynamic with Cliosport stickers, i tooted about 10 times but he didnt stop for a chat!!!

i was there in the trade area. on the fuel stand ( the one with the girl dancing on the roof of a car (not my car though))
  BMW 320d Sport

So who was the mystery black Clio...14.9? I heard 14.2 or maybe its my imagination.

I pulled a 15.2 @91mph the weekend before on my one and only run. I hadnt even programmed the controller right, it was just a warm up, my first run at the Pod since last summer!

So realistically Im hoping for consistent high to middle 14s at the moment. But the full throttle gearchange and launch control are in now so could be low 14s, who knows.