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V6 spotted east of Edinburgh V6 00 REN


  Shiny red R32
I saw this lovely V6 today at the motorbike racing, east of Edinburgh and the owner lives at
Danderhall near Edinburgh but I don't know if he's a member on here or not!


  V6 Mk1, Golf GTI Mk5
Edinburgh = V6 hoorahhh!

Sure i have seen this near Edinburgh zoo, and i think it used to have a carbonfibre bonnet, and still has the lexus lights. Mint Mint car!, but i agree the lights are a no go.

Nice spotting! :)


  Shiny red R32
That's the first blue one I have been right up close to and the lights looked fine to me!:cool:
Nice car & reg plate - V30 REN is on the dvla site for not much money - it would look like V 3.0 REN (if you put a snidey dot in)


ClioSport Club Member
Know where the new royal infirmary is? Its just basically up the hill from there.
  V6 Mk1, Golf GTI Mk5
Orite kool, there's a V6 kicking about near Raceland... if u no where that is, kinda near Niddrie, its always in a garage... maybe same one, and he or she works there.
  Not a Clio anymore.....
Its owned by a lady who I used to work with at a company in Heriot-Watt research park but she may have sold it on by now. I always had a good look round it in the work car park each day!!

Lovely motor.