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V6 tuning parts.

K-Tec Racing

ClioSport Trader

We have now sourced some tuning parts for the V6. These include coilover suspension, replacement 4 tailpipe (2 either side) stainless steel cat back exhaust system with new stainless steel centre cover plate, performance manifolds and catalytic converters (+15bhp) and a super charger kit give the car 270bhp. The supercharger kit is £8200+vat supplied and fitted.

Please call for more details and prices.


lol...... is quite expensive eh.... You could buy a whole car for that. Then again to own a V6 you got to be rich anyway so whats an extra 9k

David, if theses are teh twin plenham inlet manifold with twin Tbs as in the cliotrophy, i can find people in HK interested.

possibly the charger........what is entailed in the fitting of it?
  Forester Sti, SC Clio V6,

The trophy engine is only £7000 brand new with throttle bodies and twin plenums - 285 bhp - fittings easyish

Whats the torque with the supercharger?? Must be a huge gain here for £8k.

Is the supercharger an Eaton??