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valver spoiler and angel aiiii’s


ClioSport Club Member
  RS4 Avant

not my thing....but a lot of hours gone into that...something i respect.

good job boyo!

  2004 1.2 Dynamique

Nathan what headlights are they? Im looking at putting some phase 2 lights to replace my phase 3 lights and get a phas 2 ad boy bonnet or something!
  Suzuki SV650

Nice one Nathan, spoiler can never go wrong with a valver spoiler, and those angel eyes look mint, need pics of them on in the dark!

Be good to see you and the car at a meet sometime soon. :cool:

thats nice mate, not into those lights, but suits the car due to the front lights... if that makes sense! looks like a lot of works went into that!

oh, forget to ask, i have a spoiler on my car thats just like that, but doubt its a valver one??? cause my mum had it before and shes not much of a boy racer lol.

not sayin yours isnt, just wondered if there was another one like that? maybe a standard one on an RT?