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VTS pulling power

  mk2 172

only done 150 miles so far i took it for an 80 mile motorway trip to nowhere yesterday and although i didnt go above 5k(well maybe once or twice) you can tell the things got some serious potential, then again i have been driving a van around for a month, but seriously, it aint no slouch. cant wait for my first valver scalp he he he. had a vtr challenge me yesterday had to avoid conflict, damm
  mk2 172

because its better for me financially at the moment, its quick, has warranty, has free insurance(the best for me) and if i survive a year without a claim i get 60% no claims with the insurncae. i still have the williams but it needs an arm and a leg spending on it, balready bought a new gearbox, which is the biggest problem. just too expensive for big mileage im afraid, also need something my girlfriend can afford to drive, she cant even push down the clutch on the williams its that heavy!, so a vts is a good compromise, and the main thing is i really like it!, handles like a go-cart, has great turn in, although i can see why people say they get tail happy, just gotta get used to it i spose.


Your Vts might be great and there is loads of Mods that can be done, unfortunatly in London there is many lookalike VTSs flying around and these people tend to quite uneducated about Valvers, Mine is virtually standard, even down to the wheels so these boys like to give it the large and I spend most of my time and fuel, Shi**ing on them. Its the Old saying ALL SHOW AND NO GO. But Ill race a VTS anytime, my theory is, its the car 60% and 40% driver.

Its nice to see someone praise the Saxo fairly and not hate it just because its popular :D

I must drive a Clio sometime, trouble is I dont want to test drive a 172 cos I might like it too much :eek:

My mate had a RSi till he rolled it :eek: and that was pretty rapid, he used to race another mate in a 1.8 16v XR2i.

Damn I wish I had my VTS then ;)
  mk2 172

toughy that one, in a straight line even though i havent caned it properly i know it would get wasted by MY williams, but, for a car with such little torque comparatively the front end lifts and the arse dont half drop if you have a quick prob of the throttle at reasonably high revs. now for the handling, a toughy as i dont know all the right terms etc, but in laymens terms, it changes direction though little twisty bits with ease, the suspension in nice and stiff, and would keep up with a wily on a series of twists, although its more tricky on the limit, my way of describing this is imagine your nailng it round a really long sweeping bend where you need to change up, the willy laps it up and feels safe whereas the saxo requires balls of steel to make the change, iv no doubt youd survive if you did but it makes it obvious where the tail happy stement comes from, just feels like in the willy youd sorta slide as a whole car as opposed to get overtaken by your arse end if summat went wrong. gotta get used to it i suppose. dont regret it at all. feel rejuvinated like the bad boy sax stereo-type, just need a burberry cap now:D
  mk2 172

i think the vts and valver would be just about as good a match as they come, cant wait for a play with one, but for a 120bhp 1.6 16v, it exceeds what youd expect from it. really need to race a stock one with my camera in place, cos the sax dont half shift, probs get beat????????????? but not by much. well see eh? the only valvers iv raced on road are nicks and craigs and both are flying machine so i havent got a performance to go on, raced dave g on the strip but theres so many factors involved and how a fraction of a second can give you a lead its not that easy to tell when your on the strip
  mk2 172

oh yeah, a lad i was talking too with a standard vts with a big install was running 16.1 @ york so im sure i can see 15s when its run in

I have only raced VTSes on major roads, no twisties. Along our local bypass I obliterated one of my daughters friends in his one. Another time along the A12 I raced a girl racer in one and must admit I did have to change down to 4th to pull away nicely. Saxos are not too bad a car, its just the popularity and the stigma attached that lets em down, same with many cars. I would like to take one through the windy country roads, after Craggys comments I just got to know :).

tad unfair though, a willy would give most cars a thrashing on a fave b road. In fact the reason i got a renault and joined this was when i saw a willy 2 on the way to goodwood festival of speed, it was playing with the tw*ts on their superbikes. Respect!

its amazing - people not actually sl*gging the saxo off

i have to agree with most of these comments though, the saxo is a car which has so much potential, the engines pull very well throughout the range and they handle like they are on rails (unless you experience lift-off oversteer - crazy arse end on them)
  CTR EK9 turbo

Craggy - why dont you thrash it from day one? surely the enginel loosen up like many people have experienced on this board?

I just dont like the whole saxo geezer OTT image. Id take the 106 GTI instead! Which are just that bit better at everything too

Agree with you Rob, the 106 GTi is a rarer car and IMHO looks better than the saxo.

But saying that, the saxos mid range and in gear punch are not exactly thrilling, Craggy, ill have to let you come out in MY car, then youll see what power is all about ;) (plus a bit of 4wheel drift to boot!)

  Astra 1.9cdti XP

I have to say given the choice of a VTS and 106GTI from a looks point of view I would go with the VTS. BUT having owned a saxo for three years I have to say I wouldnt buy another simply because of the driving position. My head touched the rook, my feet touch both there accelerator and the brake at the same time! Never bothered me while I had it but when I get back in one I find it hard to believe that I ever drove one. So I would have to be the 106GTI simply cos my feet fit!!!