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  BMW Z4 2.5si Sport

Probably been asked before. But everyone who has a Williams 1/2/3 post here with which u own, then we can see how many of them are owned by people on this site. :D

I have a Williams 2.

as its just u and me Louise..

what u doing on the net! u not out in ya car burning round??

im in for the night now.. wasted a few escorts, minis, astras this evening, beats the hell outta going clubbing and wasting £100+ on booze and getting nothing from it!, least get a rush from racing :D
  BMW Z4 2.5si Sport

not out in the car, as has just snowed, not much, but enough to cause probs getting down my (steep) drive. Cant take da Willy out, as gearbox dead. :(

Couldnt take the Fezza out anyway, as its on the red on the fuel, and no 24 hr garages for 15 miles lolol.

oops! - what u done to the gearbox!!!!!!

u know the redlight on the fuel gauge...


when that flashes or lightsup... it means FILLUP!!! ;)

i never let mine reach below quater tank... apparently it stirs up the crap from the bottom of the tank or something otherwise..

so just pull in and add to parents account when required. hehe :eek:
  BMW Z4 2.5si Sport

hehe. yeah Wish parents could pay for my fuel.

Gearbox... Prob a few too many Santa Pod runs lol. Whines like anything :confused:

I have to confess the Clio has had the fuel light come on a few times. does 300 miles + before it comes on tho :D


mine does about 180-210!!!

but thats with me getting the "t00n" from the inductionkit @ 6.5K and revlimiter kick in in 1-2nd gears from time to time!! more often then not!


but u drive on motorways i suppose... in jersey its changing gears consistantly.. prolly max of 20 seconds in same gear for cruising... otherwise u end up overtaking 10 cars at the same time... :cry:

i need to come to UK with mine!! and race tracks!
  BMW Z4 2.5si Sport

defo yeah :D

It was going out in a Williams 3 in Jersey that was behind me buying mine :D:D

5 mile road is the longest on the island isnt it?? Which is actually 3 miles long lol

yea lol! damn beans cant even count properly.

when did u come over? who clio was it?

if u come over again can show ya me motor!


My car had only done 35K miles and was garaged all its life b4 i brought mine...

sure it werent a willy2 and his name was Mark.. ;)


i was looking at the receipts from services etc on my car from previous owner today.. they didnt use the car from 1997-2001. and services it mid 2001 and sold it mid 2002. :)
  Clio 197

Seeing that people are putting down their miles, mine has covered 177,500 km.

Sedate motorway driving, Im sure.

Mines on 81k now, but 64k was done by the first owner in the cars first 3 years. He sold it right before the 1st MOT was due and then the last owner has only done 15k in 4 years....think Ill probably end up doing a fair bit more than that!!!