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Wanting more

  Clio v6

For many many years car makers have produced model ranges. Just for instance take the Mini Metro.

There was a Metro base model, an L an LE and so on going right the way up to the Vanden Plas. Top of the range with all the bells and whistles.

Normal human nature makes many of us want/wish for the best, and if we manage to have the top model we may feel a cut above the rest or just much more comfortable with our purchase.

I find the "Sporting" car maket is somewhat reversed.

Take the Clio 172. It has all the above luxuries. Speed, CD, Aircon, Nice thick windows etc;

Yet what I fail to understand is in this market so many of us wish/want the CUP.

Without all the creature comforts of a much lower spec model. We would be quite happy to complain of stuffy hot days ( yes even if its only a couple in the uk ) Running over a greater percentage of people due to our chosen inability to stop the damn thing in time.

The list goes on as you all know.

How many 172 owners are thinking of DOWNGRADING to the super new "Daddy" Clio Cup?

Or am I getting warm with the belief that the Cup is the new VTR/VTS cheap option but with a touch of zoom, maybe even enough to smugly smirk at the 172 owners as we zip past them sweating like a pig on a hot day and tensed up to the hilt for fear that those brakes might be needed.

I am not wishing to "Get at anyone" I just want to learn a lesson in human behaviour within the motoring community.

Just goes to show how cheap the 172 really is to produce - £3000 for a bit of leather, aircon and a spare wheel?? - I can live without that - Ive got aircon, leather etc in my 1999 RSi and to be perfectly honest it may as well not exist! If it gets too stuffy Ill go to B&Q and buy a chiller unit to run of the ciggy lighter!! But I doubt that very much! Aircon isnt really an exclusive thing these days - the Nissan Micra comes with it - whats all the fuss about - u even loose power when its on!!

i would love the cup, i wouldgladly give up all teh options (but im gonna miss the alcantara) for 2 secs to 100 faster!!
but i would change a few those lights, then add the aircon off the normal 172.....DOH!!! i already got one!
  Clio v6

I take you point CUPSIZE. Thanks for your response.

I am thinking of getting a spare wheel and keep at home, just incase of a really big blowout that my wee bottles of foam couldnt cope with. It might be less hastle to get me towed home that have the car dumped in some dealers compound should the worst happen after normal business hours.

I wouldnt want any one very easily smashing my tissue like glass windows. I hope to make the buggers work at little more for their pickings.

dash, you gonna get he clio trophy kit for your car?
new inlet manifolds (twin plenham) cams, valves and valve springs. bout 285 bhp!
call renault sport...i can give you teh fax# as they have no email, and tell them your racing...hehe
  Clio v6

A further note on the thinner glass issue. Now this one shows just how knowledgable some dealers are.

I have had my car in twice for window rattling. They insist its due to "These thin windows". "It cant really be helped Sir".

So called V6 hotline ( yet again ) to be told mine are standard glass as fitted to my old 172.

Goood only knows what "Real" thinnner glass will be like.

Shake,Rattle and Zoooom!
  Clio v6

Nice suggestion Ben, but I have one Pheleninm and loadsa valves already.

I hate to have to tell interested parties all about my thwin plehniemn thiwngy wothsits. Ith hard enouth typing it newer mind slaying it whot wiwth my wilispth.

Its all about what your after, and if you want to be consumed by the whole experience you need to go back to basics which is where the Renault Cup is trying to go, personally I think they could have cut out the Leccy windows too and disregarded the rear bench entirely and give me a roll cage instead, but thats the kind of thing I would be after, I dont carry passengers I have never opened my boot, dont give a toss about booming music, I just want to drive and drive hard.

Would you turn down a 911 GT3, and M3 CSL because they cut out similar things and more in the aid of creating a proper drivers vehicle get off the Cups back, you dont like it dony buy it, simple in it

  Clio v6

Fiat give you a lot for your money: standard kit includes ABS, remote central locking, twin airbags, power steering, tinted glass, power windows/mirrors, black leather upholstery with red stitching, leather covered steering wheel, automatic air conditioning, smart alloys wearing 225/45 rubber, and Viscodrive traction control. There’s even an easily accessible real-world sized boot with a fold down ski hatch. On top of its sheer driveability, these are good reasons for What Car? magazine to twice nominate the Fiat Coupé as their Coupé of the Year.

Who has it all and gives it all up. A man after my own heart. Real drivers dont need these silly luxuries. Thats one very good arguement FOR the Cup.

Well said.
  172 Cup, V6 255, Williams

Dash, I wouldnt worry about it mate, youve got a car on this board by the looks of it. I wont be far behind you, altho I am gonna let depreciation work its magic I think first.

Thats ofcourse unless I can find a decent Lotus Carlton, which is fast becoming a sore subject!

Cant wait till Im 25

  Clio v6

Im not worry about it. I only invite discussion. Makes a change from my usual boring and whitty one liners.
  Clio v6

So should it be re-badged the Clio VTR/Furio?

Its a lovely blue colour though. Reason FOR number two.
  BMW 320d Sport

Im normally cynical about these kind of things but to me there appear to be two reasons why the Cup was put on sale:

1 - There is a huge and growing track day scene in the UK. Many track day drivers have a garage full of the latest Evo-recommended drivers cars to play with and the Cup is a nice one to add to the collection and drive around.

2 - There are quicker cars than the 172 for roughly the same price or a bit more(UK dealer price I mean). Its a good way to keep the 172 in the frame for another year or so.

I have to say I am giving up my Coupe grudgingly, it is a fantastic car especially mine being the Limited Edition and modded, but my current situation dictates that I need a cheaper car to run, I should be going for a diesel as I would be doing 1k miles a week some weeks or look at running two cars but dont see the point of a nice motor wasting away in the garage and saw the clio as something I could probably live with for a year or so.

I can afford a 172 the real thing I am in a car that is currently far superior in spec, performance and style (Coupe vs Clio), but I choose the Cup @ £12.3k over the 172 @ less than £12k import because Ill take advantage of it (track days) , I like the idea of the Clio, big engine, light small car. I would have bought a secondhand VX220 or Elise but being a bit of a lardy pie-eater I have problems getting in and out without taking the roof off so for me the Clio is a good compromise until I can afford a proper performance car that has it all, the Clio has the added benefit that my Girlfriend likes it so when I am finished with it she can have it and she wont moan about it being to greedy or difficult to park like my Coupe.


Thats why I modded my Coupe in the first place to bring the power to weight ratio back up to where it should be after I got in


Captain - Ive just ordered an import WRX STi yesterday for £21000 - so I think I couldve afforded a 172 - but I want the daddy of the hot hatchs, the "fastest 4 seater available in the UK" and the daddy of the sports saloons - WRX STi !!!! and unfortunately the standard 172 is no longer the daddy of the hot hatch market! "align=absmiddle>

grow up Capt theres no need for that nothing wrong with the Fiat and certainly nothing about a Renault that suggests its a cut above a Fiat, especially reading this forum how many new engines and gearboxes and problems etc. are talked about on here cars that arent even a couple of years old.


  Shiny red R32

Well I wouldnt class either to Evo or the Scooby as hot hatches they are both pretty ugly saloons! Quite fast though, but not very nice to look at!
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

CUPSIZE can you give me the company that you got the STi from as I am interested for next year me thinks.
  Astra 1.9cdti XP

All Please Read

Auto Express have just done a test on the Clio Cup vs the Cooper S. Interestingly the clio cup is slower than the standard 172 that they tested a couple of months back...

0-60 6.7(standard) 6.9(cup)
30-70 through gears 6.1(standard) 6.9(cup)
50-70 in top 7.5(standard) 9.6(cup)


Must have been all that cool air in the standard 172!!!!

So it goes, ultimately though you cant argue with the fact that the Cup and 172 are running the same gear and the Cup is lighter, the lighter car will always be quicker, either it wasnt running right or the test driver was bollox

  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

Err, any of you considered the car hasnt loosened up yet ?

2 cars one with 20000 miles on it will be quicker than one with 2000 miles on it.