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Warranty / Trackdays - legal result

  Renault Laguna Coupe

Remember the story of Steve Carter whos M3 broke down after a trackday & BMW refused to cover the repairs? BMW have climbed down. The following is clipped from Steve Carters post on the Easytrack forum:

Finally got a result in my dispute with BMW. Having piled the pressure on with press and public opinion - I think BMW finally realised this was going to look REALLY bad for them.

My brief got a letter from the Managing Director of BMW (GB) today... the important bits below:

"In an effort to address the main issue of your clients complaint, I would agree that the attendance of the track event by your client as described should not be likened to "racing, rallying or a competitive sport", where even a high performance road going vehicle such as an M3 will require modification to avoid extreme wear and/or failure of engine, suspension or associated components. I would deem our refusal to cover the costs of this repair under the terms of our warranty unacceptable. I will therefore ensure that Mr Carter receives full reimbursement for the repairs carried out. I will also ensure that the wording in our warranty documentation is updated to avoid any further ambiguity."

Renaultsport Clios seem to be a bit more reliable than M3s (I am anaware of any that have failed on a track event), but I wonder whether Renault UK would take the same view?

Yeah.. kinda Brun. I think they only came up with the goods because Steve Carter set his lawyers on him.. then started to get the media interested too. Dont think theyd have done jack sh*t otherwise.
  320d M Sport

I~ work for Carole NAsh Insurance and when the bikers wanna take their bikes on Track we will cover them if:

A) Proper and recognised organisation running the day

B) Client agrees to £1000 excess for that day

Some companies would even want pictures of the bike AFTER the event to make sure they cant submit a claim a month down the line etc....

Good on BMW though, they should cough up!


BMW have only coughed up because a number of other M3s have also suffered blown engines that have never been on the track, all failures occured in cars built between Nov 01 and March 02 have had engine failures (piston through the block) and a fix is under way. It still doesnt mean you can go track blaggin and they will fix it if it brakes.

By the way, Renault can refuse to do ANY warranty work on ANY part of the car at all if you so much as even put non standard alloys on so beware, there is a mk2 172 for sale in Huddersfield with 9k on it for £5000, the clutch has disintegrated and it will need a new gearbox, Renault have refused to replace it cause the guy has lowered it and they (Ren UK) have voided his warranty the sneaky b******s.