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Just wondereing if an oil change done yourself will void warranty?

Mines an import, didnt get any warranty forms to send to Renault, thought I only got the years manufacturers warranty?!

Exhaust is blowing (Downpipe to Cat joint).

Tappets? sound loud.

Hot smell, possibly burning/smouldering from the exhaust side of engine.

:confused: :( :mad:

Any thoughts?
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1, Not at all.

2, There are no "warranty forms", see my post about the Renault letter.

3, Not heard of this one before

4, Tappets loud? Not on mine, maybe someone else will comment

5, ?????

there have been loads of threads about this..

If you car was registered 2002 on wards and from the eu,then you will have three years warrenty, ring Renault UK give them your details and they will tell you what documents to send. All those things you mentioned should be covered, dont know about the oil change, just dont tell them...;)
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If your car is imported after October 17th 2000 then you can apply for 3 years warranty. If its imported after 1st Jan 2002 then you have 2 years anyway but can also apply for 3 years.
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"If you can find a better lubricant, Prolong will donate $1,000,000 to the charity of your choice"

They must have one hell of a get-out clause somewhere!!!

you get 2 years the 3rd year is a dealer which you have to take out.

but imo dealer warrantys are sh1t so i would not bother


I had the same dilemma with my 172 import. I spoke to my dealer about it, and I was told off the record that I would be better sticking with the two year manufactures, as dealer warrenty is not as good. Reno are pretty good if something packs up in the 3rd 4th yrs anyway, if you have it serviced on the button. Hope that helps.