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Watch out Williams drivers!!!

  BMW 320d Sport

Ive posted on there so lets see if he can beat my 16v before he tries for a Willy. Hope hes local, I wouldnt mind racing a GTi-R - would be a nice scalp for my collection! Probably will be a struggle though...
  CTR EK9 turbo

Hehe, saw your post nick, good work! I dont know about it being a struggle Nick. My friend (Jamesw) gets the edge on me, as in acceleration shove (especially off the line when he does a launch), but when his intercooler is hot, i can keep with him. It depends how much you can toast 172s, as his gets away from me, but if yours can get away from a 172 like his does from me (if you see what i mean) then you should have a good chance. They need to be modded to be quicker than mine - he mentioned earlier that i was a "bit of competition" (what he means is I was overtaking him when i was 3-up and he was 2-up up hill quite nicely! - hole in exhaust, blah blah blah! mines got a blowing centre section ) Those pulsars are very good at acceleration tho, and can be tuned easily. Those mods he added changed the whole cars performance! I didnt do too badly against an import (s-reg?) WRX with a large exhaust the other day. On the dual carriage way, he was in front and a car infront of him was blocking us - that car moved and we both booted it. I was in 4th and i presume he was too. We were equal and i stayed glued to his rear and was able to rev higher (due to my new ecu) which helped a lot! just wait till i get my clio cup exhaust.......