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Watch TV Live on your iPod/iPhone for free

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This is ace, thought you guys might be interested.

If you have problems it'll be because you are not on Firmware 3.0 or above and you have sum plug ins turned off in safari settings.

Works great over wifi or 3G

Today is tvcatchup's first birthday

So today they have released an application where you can now watch their streams on the iphone or itouch.

This is what is says on their forum;

TVCatchup is now compatible with the IPhone (or IPod Touch). To watch TVCatchup on your IPhone, simply go to:

There are currently 12 channels available for testing purposes. The streams are optimsed to work on both 3G and WiFi, although it is suggested that you use WiFi.

Please remember an Uk Tv licence is needed for viweing however tvcatchup dont police this.

If anyone has any problems visit their forums, they will be happy to answer your questions they are such a nice bunch of people.

Also a word of advice with those using 3g make sure you dont go over your limits, even if you have unlimited! Best bet is to use wifi.


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how could you go over your limit?

iphone = o2 (currently ;)) and its not exactly going to break the bank surely.

be interested to know how much data it does use though.

was using it last night on 3g and it was faultless.
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data is expensive, used to be a couple of pound for a few MB a while ago but Ive not looked since I've had iphones.

That bit was just of what someone quoted on HotUkDeals. If you on an iphone o2 contract then you have "unlimited data" so your pretty much covered. they do have a fair usage policy so if you watched a 5hit load of TV on your phone during the month (not via wifi which is free) they may contact you and ask you to kerb it.

If your on an o2 payandgo with a data bolt on then you have 200MB usage before they will want to charge.

The iphone does tell you your download amount under usage under settings if you need to keep track

if your not on o2 check your call plans
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It does, try not to tell everyone about it.

Why? Its Legal as long as you have a TV licence. If you don't have a licence you can still legally watch TV on catcup sites as long as it is not in realtime - or currently still being aired.

this is live though, so if youve no TV licence you shouldnt do it :nono:

that doesnt mean the broadcasters like it as it gives them less control


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i just dont want the site getting hammered and messing up my TV.
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nice find! Works a treat (3G not so good for me - probs reception, but wifi is good)
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Dont put the www bit in, this will take you to the full site

just type in Safari "" without the quotation marks and your done
I've managed to get to the site with not using www but when I press on the channels it displays an error page and an ip address?? That's for every channel :S
  Bumder With A Buffer
Yep working okay here too.

TV catchup!! That was the name of the site I was looking for yesterday! Couldnt remember its name for s**t! :)
Appears it's an App pending.

This is just a BETA, and will eventually be in the App store. Wonder how much it'll cost?

Supposed to have more features too, including a TV guide and a lot more channels.
  Silver ph2/Mk2 Clio 172
Appears it's an App pending.

This is just a BETA, and will eventually be in the App store. Wonder how much it'll cost?

Supposed to have more features too, including a TV guide and a lot more channels.

Where did you hear this?

if it does get into the appstore I'm pretty sure it will be WiFi only (Due to network providers kicking up a s stink), which kind of defeats the object of it.

Apple cant exactly stope the development off web apps that allow it though over 3G

if an app is released those that are jailbroken will now doubt be able to use the usual "unrestrictors" and use it over 3G/edge much to the network providers distaste
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Hopefully now that Apple are making the iPhone available to more networks they will stop crippling data heavy apps due to complaints from network partners.

Apparently AT&T (Nazi's) changed their terms with Apple in the last couple of weeks to allow the streaming of media over their network.

I'd eat my own testicle if 3G was enabled when it's Apestored. I imagine they'd also want some iPlayeresque IP resolution in their to prevent people unrestricting it via JB.

Shame if it comes true though, this just added a lot of value to the iPhone for me.

BTW Anybody know if currently you can view TVCatchup from abroad?
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This is excellent. Shame there isnt an app for it you cn just touch :)

Just add a link to your homepage and you get this >