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water in door compartment

right, please someone tell me...i went to tighten a screw in my speakers at lunch and noticed some water in the door compartment behind the speaker. i wouldnt say it was like a loch, but there was a fair amount in there. is this normal? its in both front doors, didnt check back? if this is normal, i better tighten up those wires cos they must hang fairly close to the water.

Hi matey, as a guess I would say any water in the doors is very bad news.....forget the wires, I am thinking of the rot....far more of a worry. Are your drain holes at the bottom blocked ?. Get this sorted asap my friend. As a guess I would say this is ceratainly abnormal.
  clio 20v

when i had my astra i drove round for a few days with no door panel and when it rained ud b surprised how much water comes down the inside of the door not loads but i didnt expect any! after this i make an effort to check the drain holes arnt blocked, the door wasnt rusty inside though this was i think because of the wax stuff that was on it