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Went for a drive today (pics and video)

Well I left the flat in Edinburgh about 2pm today to pick my mate up from the far side of Glasgow. Got there are around 3 and fitted my viper to the 172, and had a look at the atlas for the roads up to Oban, as i have had the mini up there before and also EVO did their COTY awards a few years ago in the same area...;)


Anyway, i was keen to take the car out for its first blast, and what a blast it was. Headed over the Erskine bridge, hung a left and headed towards Helensborough to see if Ali was home, but alas he wasn't...:(

I then headed up towards Oban via Inverary to sample some of Scotlands finest roads and scenery, with a good bit of banter along the way.

As for the RS, it was flawless. The handling was on edge, however never oversteped the mark. The steering was agile but never felt underweighted so you felt complete attached to what direction and movement the car was going to take. And the engine was as i expected owever sounded sweeeeeeeeeeet with the viper.

I really needed this run to push the car and find its own individual limits, which i think i just about found.

In summary, the car made me smile. :)

Anyway a few pics, and a 2 minute vid - excuse the accents.








P.s. bring out the clay, the cars a state!
  182FF c/w Recaros
Aye very nice pic (last).

Love the car colour too. Best 172 colour (imo) even though i've forgotten what it's called lol.:rolleyes:

If they'd have carried it forward to the 182 i'd have definately had it on my shortlist.

Djw John

Scotland - South
ClioSport Area Rep
Great pics mate as usaul. Good wee vid that as well.

See the corner at about 1 minute 50 where it goes left and has teh realy sticky stuff on it? On the Oban road trip I went round that in the 1,4 with 2 passengers and Andy182Cup (Now AndyA4) tried to overtake me on it, didnt stand a chance, came round teh corner and an Audi was coming straight towards him! In a moment of weakness I decided to slam the brakes on and let him in!! Absolutly brillant roads uo that way :D
LOL, sounds like an event. It was superb, will be heading further North to Applecross soon.

Cheers for the comments.
  liquidized RacingBlue 182
loooked like fun!, cant wait till i go home in january, driving from leeds ( after sundisential on new years day ) up to north of scotland inverness,, gonna have some fun on the roads to!!!
Cheers guys, u really need to sample the roads at some stage for those who haven't. Just a few more that arent so good (trial and error and all that!);)





Bloody lovely pics mate! Wish I lived somewhere like that, the south coast is soooo boring when it comes to roads and scenery (there isnt any! Scenery that is). Cant get the vid to work though...
Bloody brilliant pics. Liking the last one too (and IMO looks good with the blokes in it - gives perspective). Cracking roads up there although TBH the roads I was on in the Borders last weekend (also used by EVO) are brilliant for driving too.

Sounds like you took a very similar route to the CS road trip in March 2006 (which John was talking about). Although that wasn't the overtaking move that sticks in my mind from that trip - John, 3/4-up round the inside of several cars on a wide sweeping bend towards Oban...


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Way!!!! The road up to the rest and be thankful is great. Stunning!!!

Top pics? see you tomo??
Yeah, should be there mate. Just clayed the car yesterday however no chance of finishing it today.

Cheers guys.