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West Midlands General Chat thread

@Cerrone I would recommend @MicKPM and Diamond Motors, I thought I had a decent 182, but when I got the cambelt done, it turned out some C-unit had attacked the innards with a screwdriver, some crappy putty and generally I was lucky it lasted as long as it did. Mick did the rectification work and it now runs like a dream.

He is over towards Nottingham, so you can drop the car off and get the train to Notts and chill out for a bit and pick her up and have a nice drive home!

+1 great bloke..very knowledgeable and attentive towards the car. Highly recommend

Flat Eric

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Myself and Wayne are meeting up at the KFC on Junction 9 M6 on Friday. We will be meeting around 2ish and heading off from there. If anybody wants to join us you are more than welcome.