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Ash’s Clio 182 Trophy


ClioSport Club Member
  Black Gold 182FF
Hi @Ash J Where did you source the archliners bolts and fasteners in stainless steel?


Ash J

ClioSport Club Member
  Sunflower Ph1 172
Looking fresh mate. Did you do the washer blanks? I think colour coded may look cleaner

Thanks mate. Nope, left them OE/texturised. Looks best for me, not a fan of colour coding them personally unless the car is Black Gold.

Engine colour reminds me of the Alfa.

I miss that car a lot. Very similar colour scheme on them, I agree.

Nicely done!

Do you have a link for captive nuts you bought?

Which captive nuts are you looking for mate?

Hi @Ash J Where did you source the archliners bolts and fasteners in stainless steel?


I will PM you a bit later with the info, had a few people ask the same (y)

Ash J

ClioSport Club Member
  Sunflower Ph1 172
Swapped over the door handles today.

First of all, a picture of the old. It is very hard to tell the colour difference in the photos, but in real life, the handles are a definite discoloured/faded light pink!


New one up against the old one.


Then set about removing the door card to swap them over.



This gives a better idea of new vs old...


Took the opportunity to clean and polish behind the handle before refitting...


And a post fitted picture from the other side with the old next to it...


Also thought I would snap another couple of pictures of how the repaired splitter looks. Really not too bad in my opinion.



It doesn’t fit quite so nicely in the middle, but the photos honestly make it look worse. I am happy with it, don’t think anybody would notice unless I pointed it out. I will keep an eye out for a mint one should one turn up, but otherwise will just keep this. Gone off the idea of a carbon one as I agree with previous comments, might look out of place without any other exterior carbon.


ClioSport Club Member
  172, VRS, Clio 5
Would you be able to buzz me some details of the stainless arch liner fixings too pls? Fed up of replacing mine every other week!

Ash J

ClioSport Club Member
  Sunflower Ph1 172
My rear brace finally arrived today...


This just completes the semi clubsport look I was going for. I was looking at rear braces anyway, and then saw this which I thought was a bit different and still subtle enough without going for a full rear cage. I know they don’t do anything, bought it purely for aesthetics.

Appreciate it won’t be to everybody’s liking, but am really happy with it, and looks better in real life than the photos. Not bolted down properly yet, but you get the idea.




  182 Trophy #366
Thanks mate. Nope, left them OE/texturised. Looks best for me, not a fan of colour coding them personally unless the car is Black Gold.

I miss that car a lot. Very similar colour scheme on them, I agree.

Which captive nuts are you looking for mate?

I will PM you a bit later with the info, had a few people ask the same (y)
I would love to know the same mate!

Ash J

ClioSport Club Member
  Sunflower Ph1 172
Would you be able to buzz me some details of the stainless arch liner fixings too pls? Fed up of replacing mine every other week!

Messaged you (y)

The ones in the top right


Apologies for the delay, picture was not loading before so I still wasn’t sure what you were after.

It is these (M6)...

I would love to know the same mate!

Messaged you (y)

Are you going to actually bolt it to the floor of the boot?

Yes I will do, probably this weekend. It bolts up to the ISOFIX points just behind where the rear seats were, so very easy to fit. No drilling any new holes which is why I went for it.

Ash J

ClioSport Club Member
  Sunflower Ph1 172
Bit of an update on this.

First up, ordered a new pollen filter and got round to fitting that today. Old vs new picture below, never quite understand why they get fitted in such a way like the old one was. They are a bit of a fiddle to get in the gap, but a bit of patience and you can have them sitting how they are supposed to instead of squashing it in and just leaving it. Probably just me being anal. Also coated the scuttle panels with some CarPro Perl (love this stuff).



Ordered a thin paint brush so I could paint the “Sabelt” logo on the steering wheel red...



Also ordered some new side repeaters (as I just like new parts!) which arrived this week, along with some Diadem chrome bulbs to match the front and rear ones, so got those fitted.


That pretty much brings me up to date in terms of how the Trophy is sitting now.

Have been told my dash vent bars are in the post; been waiting on these so I can get my upper dash fitted back on (if you missed it before, a chap who is handy with 3D printing is making some new ones for me so I can connect my vent slats back together).

Onto other news, thought it was about time I revealed that I have been buying lots of parts over the last 2-3 months, all brand new and just sitting around the garage waiting to be fitted. The list is pretty comprehensive and should result in an almost brand new car, and hopefully a very focused machine!

Brand New 197/200 Brembo Front Calipers
Pure Motorsport 280mm Brackets & Fitting Kit
Godspeed 280mm J Hook Front Discs
EBC RP-1 Front Pads
Godspeed J Hook Rear Discs
Brembo Rear Pads
Braided Brake Hoses
Motul Brake Fluid
Pagid Handbrake Cables

Refurbished Gearbox by Mark (NorthloopCup)
Red Line MTL Gearbox Oil
New Driveshafts
Genuine/Valeo Clutch Kit
Genuine Clutch Cable
Pure Motorsport Lightweight Flywheel
Pure Motorsport Exhaust System with Decat
Pure Motorsport Shifter Kit
PhilipM Dog Bone Mount

Ever since I bought the car, I have noticed a gearbox related noise which concerns me. It goes away when clutch is engaged and comes back when you release back up. Difficult noise to describe, but after talking to Mark, he suspected either input shaft or main shaft bearing related. A new clutch was fitted by the previous owner within the last 1k miles, so it’s not the release bearing. Anyway, I bit the bullet and decided to go for a fully refurbished unit, and knowing me, that meant new driveshafts, another new clutch kit, and an opportunity to fit a lightened flywheel too!

BC Racing Adjustable Coilovers & Solid Top Mounts
Genuine Wishbones
SNR Front Wheel Bearings
Pure Motorsport Rear ARB
Pure Motorsport Bump Steer Kit
Genuine Inner Tie Rods
Powerflex (Black) Steering Rack Bushes
Powerflex (Black) Inner & Outer Front ARB Bushes
Whiteline Rear Axle Bushes
Pure Motorsport Rear Stub Axle Spacers
Pure Motorsport Rear Camber Shims
Pure Motorsport Front Wheel Spacers
Speedline 2118 Wheels in Anthracite
NS2-R Tyres in 195/50/15 Fitment
TPI Black Wheel Bolts

Appreciate a lot of people will think I am mad for swapping out the Sachs suspension as this is what essentially makes the Trophy, but I wanted the adjustability and the additional lows available from coilovers when going with 15” 2118 wheels. Not normally one for buying budget coilovers, a category which the BC’s fall into due to their price point, but I ran them on my Megane 265 Trophy and can honestly say I was very impressed with them for the money. I spoke to Mark Fish about suspension options and placed the order through him; he himself said the BC’s are remarkable given their relatively low cost, especially when you consider that you get solid adjustable top mounts with them too. I opted for the digressive valve version (DS series).

I am going to see how I get along with them, and if they don’t perform how I want them to, I will look to upgrade to a set of AST’s or Pure Motorsport’s custom Bilstein full coilover kit; funds were a little tight given how much has been shelled out in total for all the other parts!

So, some pictures of all these parts.

Braking stuff (forgot to include handbrake cables in the picture but I do have them!)...


Engine/gearbox parts (the gearbox is in that black box, Pure exhaust system is with my friend which I will be collecting next weekend)...

Parts in bubble wrap is the PMS shifter (left, 1st pic), clutch cable (right, 1st pic), and the PMS decat pipe (2nd pic).



Suspension parts (just waiting for the Whiteline rear axle bushes to arrive, and wishbones are in the bubble wrap)...


Speedline 2118 wheels; had these for a good 3-4 months now!



About 4-5 weeks ago, I had the NS2-R tyres fitted onto the 2118’s so they’re all ready to be bolted up...



Then earlier this week, I set about sealing the wheels with Gyeon Q2 Rim...



Also took the opportunity to seal the Brembo calipers with the same Gyeon coating. Bought these brand new from Godspeed, and then had them sent to Pure Motorsport to be machined to accept their bracket kit.




Some pictures of the BC coilovers which will be going on. Will be treating them with ACF-50 some point later this week. Also bought some stainless ABS sensor brackets, inspiration taken from Frayz on his Inferno 182.




A better picture of the front pads I have opted for on the Brembo’s. These are pretty new to the market, have read some good reviews on them, they have stainless backing plates which should help with lower heat transfer to pistons and fluid and hopefully they will not corrode. They look so nice that they warrant a picture being posted up; almost don’t want to fit them!



Hoping to have all the above fitted within the next 2-3 weeks, can’t wait to drive it afterwards, should be epic.

Just need to degrease gearbox and then paint it silver, and fit the new end casing I have (there is a can of spray paint and new end casing in the pic of all the transmission parts above).

Also trying desperately to get hold of some (decent) red brake caliper paint so I can tidy up and paint the spare pair of rear caliper carriers I have. These can then be swapped over with my current ones to match the Brembo calipers. Any recommendations on paint? I was hoping to go with Autotek or POR-15 but both are sold out absolutely everywhere! Guess everybody has had the same idea over lockdown and painted their calipers!

Said caliper carriers which I need to tidy up and paint this week...


Appreciate some will think I am mad for modifying a Trophy, but ultimately it is my car, and I always use top quality/better than OEM parts. Everything can be improved in my opinion. I will be keeping all the standard parts, and everything I am fitting is completely reversible (no drilling of any new holes etc). As already mentioned, the only component I might look to upgrade further if they don’t perform how I want are the coilovers, but will see how I get on first and if needs be upgrade to a better quality set when funds allow!

There is also one other fairly big modification I will be doing to this, which I reveal in due course. Order has been placed but due to Covid, likely a 3-4 week wait. Couple of you know what I am referring to, the rest will find out soon!

Thanks for reading!

Ash J

ClioSport Club Member
  Sunflower Ph1 172
Forgot to mention that I also upgraded the front speakers in the doors (mid woofers).

I know there won’t be a massive improvement without an amp or sound proofing the door, but I got them very cheap so thought I might as well. Bought a pair of adapters so I didn’t have to cut the OE plug on the wiring too.




ClioSport Club Member
  172 Cup & 182 Trophy
Fantastic work mate! Love everything about this thread, particularly the little touches like painting the Sabelt red. Awesome attention to detail!!


ClioSport Club Member
Impeccable taste and superb attention to detail Ash.
Beautiful job so far, and it’s gonna be even more mega when it comes back.

Wish you well with your plans dude, and looking forward to the update. 😎👌🏼


ClioSport Club Member
Wow that's a lot of brilliant upgrades at the same time, will make a huge difference I bet!

The BC racing DS coilovers are the ones I'd like to get end of the year as well if this whole Covid 19 doesn't cost me my job! Any thoughts/a little review would be highly appreciated! Which spring rates did you go for?

Nice to keep the 280mm discs to run 15" wheels, I might go back to those once my 300mm discs need replacing!

How do those brake pads compare to other brands? I know it says race only on them but are they suitable for road and track?


ClioSport Club Member
I can’t remember the name of the guy but years ago he had a Trophy lowered on coilovers with 2118s - it was always a huge personal favourite because it looked so damn good! It had an RS2 and the plate was S10 BMM or similar. Off to try and find it now...

I’ve never been brave enough to go down that route but I cannot wait to see yours when you’re done 👍👍👍


ClioSport Club Member
This will look fantastic @Ash J

If I was keeping my Trophy I was thinking of fitting 2118’s and coilovers.

Good for you for being different 👍


ClioSport Trader
  Badass Toyota
Wow that's a lot of brilliant upgrades at the same time, will make a huge difference I bet!

The BC racing DS coilovers are the ones I'd like to get end of the year as well if this whole Covid 19 doesn't cost me my job! Any thoughts/a little review would be highly appreciated! Which spring rates did you go for?

Nice to keep the 280mm discs to run 15" wheels, I might go back to those once my 300mm discs need replacing!

How do those brake pads compare to other brands? I know it says race only on them but are they suitable for road and track?

Drop me a message when you want to buy. I supply them all so can advise on spring rates depending on your usage. Its better to go for a little softer than too hard.
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ClioSport Club Member
  Black Gold 182FF
Epic build just like your previous 182s. You are a badly infuence on the rest of us, I've ordered the same Audison speakers for my car.
Try eBay for paint, I bought UPOL primer last week.

Ash J

ClioSport Club Member
  Sunflower Ph1 172
Great progress in such a short space of time. Where is the car having its work done Ash?

All being done by Alex at AW Motorworks :)

So, as can be seen by the photos above, dropped the Trophy off with Alex earlier this week to have everything fitted.

Before that, I picked up the Pure Motorsport exhaust from my friend, and got it home and gave it a polish. Only thing I noticed was the tips were too large for my liking, and had a couple of scuffs I couldn’t get out (see photos), so I ordered a new pair from PMS, slightly smaller (3” instead of 3.5”), and got them shipped straight to Alex.

Was advertised as being barely used/almost new; certainly looks to be the case.





Also, gave the coilovers a good coating of ACF-50 before boxing them up and putting them in the back of the car for fitting...


My dash vent slider bars turned up after being 3D printed, but unfortunately they were no use. Quite intricate parts to replicate, but I appreciated that somebody gave it a go at least!


Ended up buying a complete vent unit from a car breaking on eBay, just waiting to get the car back from all the work, and then I can swap the parts out of this into my car and finally fix this!


Ash J

ClioSport Club Member
  Sunflower Ph1 172
And so, leads me onto the next update. Here are some pictures of the work in progress at AW Motorworks, and some teaser pictures of how the Trophy is currently sitting.

I can’t take the credit for the photos, so a big thank you to @Dr Jekyll for taking these, hope you don’t mind me posting these up!








And my favourite, how it is sitting...


Needless to say, I am very much looking forward to picking it up next weekend!

I might need to play around with the height and the geometry at the back, but that I don’t mind.

I will post some more pictures up once I have collected it.

Thanks to Alex @ AW and @Dr Jekyll for the work on the car!


ClioSport Club Member
No worries mate, was a pleasure to work on and add the nice bits to it. I cant take the credit too much as Alex did the harder jobs, but we did work well as a team.

Also, for anybody wandering, i dont work for AW Motorworks. I've known Alex for years and i had a week off, so we agreed that i help him this week in return for some work he was doing on my RB.

I'll let @Ash J update more, but i took this pic while it was at the unit. 'Tis a cool car.



ClioSport Club Member
Looks superb.
Alex’s work is excellent and have nothing but praise for his work and business.
Excited for you Ash, I’m struggling to think of a better modified Trophy. 🙂👌🏼

Ash J

ClioSport Club Member
  Sunflower Ph1 172
Thanks again for the photos @Dr Jekyll - they look awesome :cool:

So, I went and collected this from Alex (AW Motorworks) earlier this week.

First of all, have to say massive thank you to him. Can’t fault his services, always kept me updated, thoroughly nice bloke, and I gave him a list of additional small, niggly jobs to sort which he got done without complaint either! Bit of a journey for me (almost 2.5 hours each way), but I won’t be taking the Trophy anywhere else. Don’t hesitate to use Alex if you need work doing on your Renault Sport.

I’m sure you all want to know how it drives... in a word, amazing! Really is a different car. Happy with the quality of the coilovers so far, wouldn’t say the ride is crashy at all.

Whilst it is sitting exactly how I would like it to (it’s perfect), I am getting some rubbing on the back as I am running 20mm stub axle spacers either side. I will have to play around with it and either raise the back slightly, or drop down to 10mm spacers, or a combination of both, but that is just fine tuning.

I need to bed the brake pads in properly, but the pedal is a little long on the Brembo’s. In some ways it is fine as it can give a bit more modulation, but other times I want feedback earlier. Will consider upgrading to a 197/200 master cylinder in the future as I think this is a common problem when running these calipers. But will bed the pads in first and just see how I get on. Obviously look the part.

As for the exhaust system, sounds amazing. Given I am running a decat, I am amazed that there is no drone at all cruising on the motorway; it is actually pretty quiet. But if you open her up, boy does she sound good (and it isn’t stupidly loud). Sounds naughty when blipping the throttle on a downshift too.

I’ve never had a car track so arrow straight either! Not only that, but with a properly centred steering wheel (normally they are ever so slightly off centre, and nothing winds me up more!), so kudos to the guys that set the geometry up.

Few pics of how she is sitting at home. Pictures aren’t as good as Mark’s! And, my pictures definitely do not do the car justice in terms of how it looks and sits. So much better in the flesh! Oh, and please ignore there is both the new style RS badge and the old Renault Sport badge on the back; soon to be sorted!








Ash J

ClioSport Club Member
  Sunflower Ph1 172
Today, I finally managed to get round to fixing the heater vents! I bought a second hand centre dash vent unit recently (pics in earlier post), so I got the connecting bars swapped over (bloody fiddly job!) and finally managed to fit my upper dash back on properly.

Also bought some new pedals and a foot rest too. Got Alex to swap the pedals over for me (because rivets), and today I did the foot rest. Looking much better I think.

So, here are some pictures of all this, along with the PMS shifter too. A new gear gaiter is on order; one of the tabs broke on the old one.







That is about it for now.

Tomorrow, I am dropping it off for a professional detail and ceramic coating. Should have it back in about a week. I’ll be excited all over again when I go to pick it up! The rear badge situation will be sorted then too (was leaving it for them to remove the old Renault Sport badge so they can polish up the boot lid after).

Will update with more pics when I get it back from the detailers!


ClioSport Club Member
I had my car alignment done by the same guys this week and like you, super happy with how straight it is.

Annoys the hell out of me when the steering wheel is slightly off/tilted. I think its more noticeable as its a smaller wheel and the renault sport logo is dead straight, but like yours, mine is perfect. Little goes a long way!


ClioSport Club Member
  172-E92 M3-ZT V8
This is my new favourite clio on the forum. Literally epic attention to detail. I have the same BC DS coilovers and be interesting to see how you find them. I personally love them - currently have them set just over mid point on front and back and the ride is really composed. Another on 2118’s - i think they finish off the car a treat. Did you get the strut brace specially made? If so would you mind PM’ing me the details please as it looks ace.