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whats normal glowplug voltages ,warning light stays on

  clio 1.9 dti
hi folks,wondering if anyone can shed some light on an issue im having. Clio mk2 1.9dti. starts absolutely fine.nothing wrong as far as im aware, except the glowplug/electrical fault warning light wont go out.

I replaced the glowplugs last summer.despite always having had a broken one seized it has never been an issue in 6 years. i checked the glowplug lead reads 10.5 volts even with the ignition off. when in the preheat position it raises to 11.6v for 8-10 secs then returns to 10.5. at the end of a drive ignition off its been around 11.5v slowly dropping back presumably to 10.5v. is this normal voltage when not in preheat mode? i could swear years ago i remember it being 6v ,but is 10.5v normal.i know theres a monitoring doesnt mean they are fired up tho? i tried 2 other glowplug relays but all were the same results ,so its not that.

i sense a slight drop in performance,just a bit less accelerating power,when the multiplug removed from the glowplug relay.would that possibly be because theres no monitoring voltage?

much thanks anyone.Rad
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