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Wheel arch trim


  clio 1.2 -2000-
Hi i got a clio grande 1.2 2000 like this one
I have put wider wheels on it 195/15
Im worried about the front wheels flicking stones up on to the front wings and marking them.
So i been looking for Wheel arch trim or somthing that will look rite without spending to much money.
Had somthing like this in mind but can find anything.
Also i was woundring if the clio sport front wings would fit straight on to give me wide wheel arches.
Has anyone got any idias that would help me out
Thanks for your time Doj
  Black 197
Anything will fit with enough time and money but to your question yes i believe the wings will fit if you get the right phase wings, The wings on a sport are wider but at the bottom along the bottom of the door the wing will have an attachment for the skirts, I think without the skirts the wing would look a lil daft but dont take this as gospel. I've never put sport wings on a standard clio before but im sure a CS rep will be able to answer your question more clearly
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If you put the wings on, you'll need skirts and the front bumper aswell or it'll look daft. I wouldn't bother personally, 195 isn't a great increase on standard so I wouldn't worry about it.
  Fiesta ST2
doj im guessing by the fact you linked to usedcarsni you are indeed from NI :) Tigger would be the fella to ask! he started with a normal 5door and converted it to a 182 look a like.. bar the extra doors! + welcome!