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wheel centre covers MK2s dynamiques

  Ford Fiesta

has anyone else had this problem?- my centre covers 2 of them arnt flush anymore with the whell. They obviously wont fall off cos they are screwed in but on the opposite side to the screw they stick out slightly. I have only removed them once when I got the car and theyve been ok til recently.
  H22A7 Accord Type R

been there done that. I took them off to clean the studs one time, ended up loosin my rag cause they wouldnt go in properly!!! however the other day i had my front wheels off and they went on fine first time! Just sort of twist them in place and push them flush, then tighten the screw pretty tight, they should hold in place! I kno what u mean tho, annoying as hell!!!
  Ford Fiesta

wouldnt fix so bought a new one £4.81 inc vat fits perfect now. The little plastic bits had worn down on the old one? why havnt even removed it lately!