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Where is your post

  Clio v6

I was really expecting to read a post today something like "Toasted a V6"

Red 172 flew past me on the A127 last night/early morning.

I was doing almost 40 mph in fog that was like pea soup, and the 172 belted past all us careful drivers in the slow lane. That guy must either have had a death wish or he was filthy rich enough to afford a new car often.

If you are from this forum, can I just say this.

You are a menace on the road and you deserve to have your licence torn up for good.

You are not big and you are not clever.

In the yellow pages you can find telephone numbers for driving schools and shrinks.

Please do this before you kill someone.

In rediness. Yes I do often drive at 155 mph on what I consider to be empty clear roads.
  Lionel Richie

We have plastic driving licences these days dash!!!!!!

"Yes i do often drive at 155mph" good chap!!!!!:D


  Shiny red R32

Well spoken Dash!

We can do without numpties like that, driving in fog like there is no tomorrow. That is precisely how massive pile-ups occur when it is foggy, he (obviously a male, because females just dont drive like that in fog) couldnt possibly see what might lie ahead.

Hope it was no-one from here, otherwise their car might end up in the car graveyard along with himself!

Yeah thats all we need, 2 fellas off the one of the NI forums died 2 weeks back and at the next cruise they put the MR2 on display with a banner across it saying speed kills.

maybe this guy should have paid us a visit to see peoples faces when they clapped eyes on the wreck, maybe then he would have thought about what could have been.

I have no respect for these w**kers ne more, if they have a death wish they should just take and try not to bring ne1 with them.

Quote: Originally posted by GirlRacer on 22 February 2003

(obviously a male, because females just dont drive like that in fog)
LOL, females dont drive like that in fog - females cant drive in fog, its too difficult.

Sorry, not usually sexist but I do hate other people being blatently(sp?) sexist.
  Clio Williams 1, 182,197


Mmmm could be the one that was dragged into my place this morning !!

Flame Red 52 plate 172 !! Totalled front end !! f**ked all the way up to the windscreen, Windscreen shattered doors buckled and roof looked like a elephant had sat on it !! No blood though !!
  Clio v6

Quote: Originally posted by Leigh on 22 February 2003

" looked like a elephant had sat on it !!

No that was my Mrs LOL

" No blood though" !!

Im not usually angry but thats a mailto:F@ckin">F@ckin shame !!